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Acapulco Update From Bill

March 17, 2016

Bill and his wife just returned from a two week stay at the Grand Mayan in Acapulco, Mexico. Following is his report:
Hi Bob and Mary Ann,

We got back last Saturday from a two week stay at the Grand Mayan, Acapulco. Attached is our report for you to post accordingly. Sorry, no photos were taken that we felt to be worthy of posting.

I have also posted to Trip Advisor reviews about two drivers who took us places. I haven't seen them posted yet to TA but when I do, would you like a copy or link to them?



My wife and I recently returned from a two week stay at the Grand Mayan Acapulco, our first visit since 2009. Here are our observations:
  • Check in: The original reception area had been torn down so check-in was done in either the GM or MP. We were pleased to find that they had created a special reception area for GL owners. However, despite the fact that we are GL Spa 3 Charter Members, we were not offered an ocean view unit. We pointed out that, as Charter Members, we are guaranteed ocean view, so finally, at 5:30 pm we were given keys to an ocean view suite. Bracelets for us as GL owners were the old-fashioned style, without the imbedded room key chip. Bracelets for the rest of the complex (GM and MP) were the newer woven ones.

  • Suite: as former GM owners, we were pleased to see that all the pea green walls had been repainted a more pleasing beige, but the same old modern art remained. The bed had a softer, more comfortable top over the mattress.

  • Property: The new GM Lazy River was shorter and had no waterfalls to pass under/through than the one in NV. Moreover, it was slower/more lazy than the one in NV, because there was no wave-making machine. The old building at the beach-end of the large lake and fountain just inside the grand entrance had been replaced with a larger building which will have the fancy market and stores similar to the one in NV. However, it was not completed and not being worked on. The MP property is split into two locations: one poolside and another inland near the golf course. Both MP locations have a larger variety of pools and even some with hot tub/Jacuzzi facilities, while the GM has just one pool and no hot tub/Jacuzzi facilities. It appears that Vidanta put more $ into MP than GM. Surprisingly, there were several palapas on the GM beach with signs designating them for use by GL owners (but was never enforced). They use SUVs and bus-vans to shuttle guests around rather than the extended golf carts in use at NV.

  • Dining: The Café del Lago, which used to be over on the MP side is now in the GM. The Blue Fish is located where the former Café del Lago used to be. The Samba is located at the new MP Golf location. The former Rumba has been remade into the Italian restaurant, Il Forno di Gio. There is a Mondo in the GM but it only serves snacks, civiche and other finger foods. Not all restaurants were open every night and the weekly/monthly program provided to guests is not easy to determine what is open on any given night.

  • Entertainment: The complex no longer has a stage or offers a large fiesta, so shows are presented in a smaller format on the beach. They offer a weekly variety show with a folklore presentation from the State of Guerrero of dancing and singing, followed by a Jamaican singer with musical accompaniment of popular and reggae music and dancing during a buffet dinner served at round tables on the beach. Free wifi was obtained by simply signing on daily so we did not have to go the the Internet Café to check or send email.

  • Vidanta Update: We learned that Acapulco has suffered a loss of tourist business over the last several years which directly affected the occupancy rate at Vidanta Acapulco. As a result, Vidanta put more money into NV, MR and EC, and less into Acapulco. We did not hear of any viable plans to put a GL or GB into this property.

  • Employees: Very well trained; courteous, respectful and helpful.

  • Airport: ACA now has equipment to check outgoing luggage, so no more need to lift your suitcases onto a table and open each for inspection by Mexican TSA.

Thanks Bill. Acapulco is interesting, but tourism is down. Too bad because the town is historic. The Mayan Palace Playa tower is finished. One would imagine more people at the location. But it does not sound very crowded or busy. Also, interesting to note the money spent on the Mayan Palace with its pools. In addition, it is interesting to note recognition of the Grand Luxxe guests by designating palapas for their use.

Bill highly recommends Benjamin Alarcon. He has known and hired Benjamin on various occassions over the past 13 years.
Thank you Bill for your timely update. Nice to know Acapulco still shines....
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