The Beach and Boat in the Park - John and Rita

January 21, 2020

John and Rita spend months in Nuevo Vallarta and have generously spent time with us exploring the Nuevo Vallarta property. We have taken a number of uniquely positioned photos with them. Watch for their updates. You will remain up to date with changes taking place if you do.

Following are photos taken from the beach. A new banner spreads from the Mayan Palace pool to the area before Costa del Sol. The banners advertise the Sky Dream Gondola, which will open "Winter, 2020" and the new area under construction called "Amasol". Maybe the latter relates to the Ameca River and Costa del Sol. Who knows. Regardless, here is what you will see if you arrive in the next couple of months:

Costa del Sol Under Construction

Banners behind the Life Guard Station

Banners behind the Exclusive Beach area

The Sky Dream Gondola will be visible from all over the property

Catch the Sky Dream Gondola at Chiringuitos for rides to the Santuario and the Luxxe Towers

Moving out to the Park - Is this the type of electric boat we have in store?

Follow John and Rita as they post updates periodically. Thank you! We will....stay tuned....
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