The possible Gondola Route with #1 being the Highway Station and #5 being the Grand Bliss Station at the beach.

Gondola Update from JandR

February 6, 2020

We received new photos of the Gondola Station at the Grand Bliss end of the line. Interesting glimpse of what we are in for over the coming years. Here is what they had to say:

Hola, a couple of photos of the GBliss Dough-la station as it is nearing completion .. note the stainless steel treatment on the tower .. I wonder if all towers will be sporty this SSteel covering.

Also, Mayan Pool is now closed off for Amasol construction … long walk to the beach for Grand Luxxe members.


The Gondola stations may all look like this one. Wait until the finishing touches are made. Do you like the Stainless Steel Posts?

The Grand Bliss Gondola station is taking shape. Winter 2020 is the planned opening date.

The distance to Highway 200 is about 2 miles. Round trip is over 4 miles.
It will be fun watching the other 4 stations move to completion. Thank you JandR! Stay tuned....
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