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Traffic through the Puerto Vallarta International Airport is increasing, as we can all attest.  News of expanding terminal space is welcome.
Traffic through the Puerto Vallarta International Airport is increasing, as we can all attest. News of expanding terminal space is welcome.

Puerto Vallarta Airport Expansion - Another View

February 13, 2019

A far more optimistic view of the expansion plans for the Puerto Vallarta International Airport was reported by Puerto Vallarta Daily News. Consider the following:

February 13, 2019

The construction of a new building inside the Gustavo Díaz Ordaz International Airport, in Puerto Vallarta, will begin in 2020 and could end in 2024, increasing the arrival capacity of planes and passengers by almost 50%, according to Gustavo Saúl Sanabria Gibert, administrator of the air terminal.

“This is a totally new airport that will have all the services that will offer a greater service to all airlines,” the official said. “The extension consists of arrival and boarding infrastructure, without the need to create a new runway,” explained Sanabria Gibert.

“Currently, the international airport of this city has a capacity for 20 aircrafts, but with the new terminal will add 8 or nine more slots,” added the director of the air terminal.

Although there is no specific amount of investment, Sanabria Gibert called it “unprecedented”, being a building between 30 and 35 thousand square meters. The construction of this new building will begin in 2020 and is expected to culminate between 2023 and 2024, increasing the capacity of arrivals, which for this year is expected to exceed 5 million.

Compare this article to the one that was presented earlier:

October 18, 2018 • Source: Vallarta Daily News

With a new terminal that will cover an area of 19,400 square meters, and more international connections to be launched at the end of the year and the beginning of the next, Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacífico (GAP) announced big plans for the next year at the Puerto Vallarta International Airport (PVR).

The company indicated that the airport extension work is part of its Master Development Plan for the 2015-2019 five-year period, which is being completed with an investment of more than $360 million pesos only in at the Puerto Vallarta Airport.

“We are planning a completely new terminal building, with more space, excellent services and commercial areas so that passengers enjoy their travel experience,” said Raúl Revuelta, general director of GAP, in a statement.

Although they did not indicate when the work will be completed, among the improvements mentioned, the installation of five new airscrews and six lines of passenger review to expedite the entry of users to their flights.

Additionally, some other user service initiatives have already been implemented, such as the free Wi-Fi network throughout the terminal and the recently inaugurated International VIP Room.

Airport administrator, Saul Sanabria, announced that before the end of the year the connection with Panama could be inaugurated, and for next January, new routes to Hamilton and Ontario.

Currently, PVR deals with 51 destinations, including Helsinki, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Chicago. And GAP forecasts that by the end of 2018 it will mobilize five million passengers, a sustained growth of half a million passengers per year.

“Through the International Airport of Puerto Vallarta we seek to contribute to the economic and tourist development of the States of Jalisco and Nayarit, giving a better service and image to Mexicans and foreigners who visit them,” concluded Revuelta.

The same news source provided two different projections - one for an expansion of 19,400 square meters and the other an expansion of 35,000 square meters in 2023 - 2024 time frame. Which will it be? Will the Celebrate Park be open by then?
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