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Views from the Penthouse 1 BR Loft and Rooftop Pool are expansive.  Thanks to Sean for this photo, which was taken in February, 2017.
Views from the Penthouse 1 BR Loft and Rooftop Pool are expansive. Thanks to Sean for this photo, which was taken in February, 2017.

Gary III's Recent Visit - New Tours and Review

May 14, 2017

Gary III recently returned from a two week stay in a Penthouse Loft in Nuevo Vallarta. He posted his review on Aimfair's Owner's Forum, and we thought everyone would enjoy what he has to say. Here is his review:

We have been members of Vidanta for over 12 years, through ups, and downs. We just returned from Nuevo Vallarta. As per usual, each visit always has something new and exciting to see or visit. We stayed in Tower 5 in the One Bedroom Residence Loft Unit (aka one bedroom Penthouse loft). Yes, it is smaller than the 2 bedroom Loft which we own but it is ideal for two people. We loved being able to go out our door, press the elevator button and go up one flight to the beautiful rooftop swimming pool and restaurant. We found the food excellent and the service impeccable.

As part of our “update”, we were taken by Jeep out to the area where the future “Hotel of the Sun” and upcoming Cirque du Soleil are being built. It definitely will be an impressive area when completed next year. We are concerned about the traffic this area will create but hopefully that will be figured out.

At the Pro Golf Shop in the Ameca restaurant area we decided to take the Vidanta Tequila Tour. This is a relatively new tour, entirely on the property. We were met at the Golf Pro Shop by the Food and Beverage Manager, Luis Vicencio Curiel. We were provided sample Tequila drinks in decorative mugs. To make the tour authentic we were presented with big sombreros to get us in the mood for the tour. So with the wonderful drinks we were on our way over the golf bridge on the Ameca River. We traversed the Greg Norman golf course to a lovely Casita and being pampered for 2-3 hours of with a tequila information video, tequila tasting, very wonderful munchies, followed with a wonderful full lunch. This was all in the shade of an enormous Banyan tree. The food was excellent and the service was superb. We will do this tour again.

One day we took a tour with “Discovery Tours” to the towns of Talpa and Mascota.

What we liked about this tour company is that they come to the Vidanta Taxi area to pick us up instead of having to go by taxi over to Vallarta Adventures. Also they will cater to your individual wants for specialized trips. Their vehicles are smaller, our touring vehicle was almost new and the tour guide, Jorge Novoa, spoke excellent English.

We usually do a couple days going downtown to Puerto Vallarta to our favorite restaurants. We found out that one of our favorites from Puerto Vallarta, the Blue Shrimp, has a new local branch in Nuevo Vallarta. It is off campus and located nearby so we went there one night. The food is very good and the atmosphere is quite exotic. Plus it saves going downtown.

All in all it was a very good two weeks.
What a great review! The Penthouse Lofts are beautiful and functional. The washer/dryer in the unit makes for a simpler long term stay, and the location of the rooftop pool is easy to get to for guests in Tower 5. The tequila tour sounds very fun, and the tour to Mescota and Talpa are certainly worthwhile. Lot's of fun!
Thanks Gary III. As always, your posts are very informative! We are all lookiing forward to seeing the changes on the horizon....
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