Changes in Riviera Maya - Margy's Update

July 23, 2013

We had no idea....Trains at Riviera Maya, Presidential Master Suites, Lofts, SPAs, Central Lobby for the SPA building, a Grand Luxxe and Grand Bliss beach club, Cirque du Soleil and more Luxxe buildings across the highway from the main property.....?

Margy and Ken were one of the first to walk through the SPA model and sent us photos of these units. Here they are:

SPA 3 BR Riviera Maya Model July 23 2013 01
SPA 3 BR Riviera Maya Model July 23 2013 02
SPA 3 BR Riviera Maya Model July 23 2013 03

Pretty nice! Looking forward to seeing the SPA units in person!

So, what ARE the plans for Riviera Maya? Will Riviera Maya become the new Flagship for Grupo Vidanta? Who knows. What we do know is it will be fun for us to watch the conversion take place. Here is what Margy has to say:

July 21

We are here again in RM and were the first members allowed to view the 3 bedroom SPA unit model in building 3. They are as beautiful as everyone was hoping and have the same footprint as the GL 2 BR Villa but much more SPAcious. They do not have w/d, dishwasher or ovens but do have a steam room, massage room/table and walk in closets. It is done in lighter colors, wood in bedrooms and incredible furniture and terrace with bed. From the 3rd floor units you can see the ocean.

The 2 br model was not complete but will be similar in style and is definitely same size as condo. Again from 3rd floor, overlooks ocean.

All of (building) 3 is (a) SPA building and should be ready in November. Plans are (to build) a path or bridge at some point to (Luxxe) building 1 which will have same to pool. They are not planning to replace pool but are planning to build the beach club for Grand Bliss and Grand Luxxe. Also, eventually a full lobby for building 3.

Plans for building 4 are now to create an all loft building and (construction) has started.

Train station eventually and Circus De Soleil across street.

Also, claimed to finally have government approval for beach renewal. Claim also to have money to begin next year and hope to have complete water access from the beach. Time will tell if that really will happen.

July 23, 2013

Totally redoing building 4. First 2 floors loft, 3rd floor presidential.

Beach club with pools, restaurant and infinity pool on beach by current sales models for GL/Grand Bliss. Ground broken.

Future Grand Luxxe buildings across highway where water park/cirque du Soliel being built. Construction begun for all but Luxxe.

Train also will start there and take all to drop offs.

Construction (to) begin for central lobby, SPA etc near building 3 and will include GL restaurant.

Future plans may include additional space for some kind of GL product.

Curious if the McClures got any of this info. Most interesting still is the beach renewal. Hope that is real.
Wow! Have you heard any of this? If so, let us know.
Thank you for your update, Margy.
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