Acapulco (From Fodors)

Archaeological evidence indicates that people first inhabited Acapulco around 3000 BC, growing crops and fishing. Around 1500 BC the area was settled by the Nahuas, a tribe related to the Nahuatl, who populated much of southern Mexico. The Nahuatl language provided the name Acapulco, meaning "place of canes" or "reeds."

Although it is generally accepted that the first nonnatives to reach Acapulco were Spaniards led by Hernán Cortés, some local historians claim that a Chinese monk named Fa Hsein predated Cortés by 100 years.

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RealAcapulco.com discusses the Legend of Acapulco Quetzalcóatl.

The mystery of Acapulco is heightened by a local legend, first told many centuries ago in the dwellings of the indigenous Yope, and retold many times over, down to the present day. The shield of Acapulco is said to represent this story, but the link between the drawings and the narrative is a bit abstract.

Perhaps that just adds to the mystery. Please refer to www.RealAcapulco.com for more information.

What to do in Acapulco

See www.travel-acapulco.com for Sports, Golf, Watersports, and More in Acapulco

As a resort town on the bay, Acapulco has plenty of places to enjoy your favorite sports, golf, tennis, and watersports. Here are some of the most popular clubs and locations - more details for golfers are on the way.

Golf in Acapulco
  • Club de Golf: Country Club located on the Costera near the Convention Center. 484-0781.

  • Acapulco Princess Golf Course: Acapulco Diamante next to the Princess Resort.

  • Pierre Marquéz Golf Course: Acapulco Diamante, by the Pierre Marquez Resort.

  • Mayan Palace Golf & Tennis Club: Av. Costera de Las Palmas #1121. Phone 469-0221.

  • Tres Vidas Golf Course: Carretera a Barra Vieja Km. 7. Phone 444-5135.

Watersports in Acapulco
  • Swimming: See our guide to Acapulco beaches at www.travel-acapulco.com for the best places to swim.

  • Surfing: Not a surfer myself, I am told that La Bonfil is the best place to surf - read more on the beaches page, and please correct me if I am wrong.

  • Yachting: You can rent yachts at "Club de Yates" at Caleta Beach. They also have remote-controlled boats for kids (and adults).

  • Scuba Diving: Go to Condesa Beach and ask anyone about the scuba diving tours.

  • Waterskiing: There is a lagoon at Pie de la Cuesta (a beach to the west) where you can rent boats and skis.

  • Fishing: Try the lagoon at Pie de la Cuesta.

  • Deep Sea Fishing: See our Acapulco Tours page for details.

  • Parasailing: Look up in the sky while at Icacos or Condesa Beach - you can't miss them. You should pay US$20, so (as with anything on the beach) be prepared to bargain.

  • Wave Runners: Wave Runners are available for rent, also at Condesa or Icacos Beach. You will be offered one within 60 seconds of stepping foot on the beach. You can get one for US$25 (half-hour) or US$40 (hour), but they will ask you for US$35 for a half-hour.

Tennis in Acapulco
  • Club de Golf: Located on Costera Miguel Aleman. Phone 484-0781.

  • Mayan Palace Golf & Tennis Club: Av. Costera de Las Palmas #1121. Phone 469-0221.

  • Park Hotel & Tennis Center: Av. Costera Miguel Aleman #127. Phone 485-5992.

  • Club de Tenis Panoramic: Costera Vieja y Punta Bruja. Phone 484-3318.

Other Sports
  • Jai Alai: There is a large Jai Alai arena (with wagering) near Costa Azul along the "Costera". They also have bingo here. The building is huge - every taxi knows where it is.

Gyms in Acapulco
  • Body and Fitness Gym: If you are up for a serious workout without air conditioning, go to one of the Body and Fitness gyms. There IS another gym with air conditioning, but it is ridiculously expensive and not at all worth the price, so I refuse to mention it.

Enjoy your stay in Acapulco. Let us know about your recommendations so we can all benefit.