061011Mayan Palace

June 12, 2011

The Mayan Palace Change Continues

Thanks to Barbara's comments and photos, she has confirmed the rumors that the Mayan Palace would undergo major renovation. Her photos show that the Mayan Palace is being gutted, the roof facility is being taken down and rooms are emptied to the second floor.

These changes demonstrate a continuing trend at the Grupo Vidanta Mayan Property at Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico. In June, 2009, John sent us photos showing the original buildings on the Grupo Vidanta Mayan property being demolished. Also, the seven story Mayan Palace building opened in November 2009 after the addition of rounded ends to the building. Many guests thought the rounded ends would become Bliss units. However, these units were never used to our knowledge, even in 2010.

Now, June 12, 2011, the Mayan Palace is under re-construction. Who knows whether it will be lowered by five floors or if the rooms will be updated further.

Change....the by word of activity at the Grupo Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta Mayan property!

Enjoy the photos from the past several years. Click any photo to view a slide show of each album and enlarge the photos. Barbara's photos are the first two in the first album.

November, 2009 and 2010 and June 2011

June, 2011

November, 2010

June, 2009

Thank you Barbara for your update and John for your photos...
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