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2012-10-07 Traveling as a group has benefits:
  • Of course, we expand our spheres of awareness, because the people we spend time with become a bigger part of our lives. Does life become richer?
  • It is likely the benefits offered a group are greater than benefits offered to individuals.
  • Information exchange is meaningful and longer lasting.
  • There is nothing more fun than sharing meals with new people.
  • Cruising can be exhilarating, especially when you have something in common with the rest of the group.
  • Cruising is just one more way for disparate members of a group to see each other again.
There are many other reasons traveling together is enjoyable. What do you think?
Aimfair Vacations Member News
2016-03-04 McNally Investment Professionals - Houston, Texas

Claims to have been in business since 2002. Domain for its website was registered on November 2, 2015 and expires on November 2, 2016. Does not seem to be looking too far into the future. Also, the building manager for the office space listed on the McNally website said no one by the name of McNally Professional Investments pays rent in the building. Bottom line....be very careful! Tap here to read more....

Help stamp out scammers....don't write that check!!
T - Possible Scams
2018-04-14 Just a few thoughts on GL Riviera Maya. By way of background, we are long-time drinkers of the kool aid and have experienced some of the not-so-happy experiences of other members. However, we would be remiss in not praising Vidanta Resorts for what they have here. The people, ambience and laid-back atmosphere of GLRM more than justify the cost and occasional longer-than-expected waits. We’re always blown away by the genuine friendliness of the staff and overall serenity of the environment. Granted, we have not yet had our “update” and therefore cannot opine on this year’s sales onslaught. But after 15 years and sevral upgrades, we’re still fans. For what it’s worth.
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2015-08-05 A New Impersonation Of Grupo Vidanta - Offer to Rent

This is another attempt to associate the scammer with a legitimate company - Grupo Vidanta. Certainly the offer would make anyone pause because it looks so authentic. But...the phone number is associated with a deal that is nowhere near the timeshare industry. Do your due diligence....and
Don't Write That Check.!

Current News
2015-10-06 Residence Clubs - What Are They?

Are they really timeshare interests in more luxurious surroundings? Based upon this article, it seems the only difference is sharing a fraction of the ownership. Generally speaking, it seems owners of Residence Club interests have an equity stake in the development. But, then again, that is not always the case, which makes the lines between Residence Clubs and Timeshares very blurry. What do you think? Leave your comments at the end of the article.

Current News
2015-12-15 Colin was in Nuevo Vallarta through December 4 and sent us his update. Included were updated photos of Tower Five, La Cantina at night and the new restaurant/sports bar in the Residence Tower. Great update, and wonderful to see the changes.

In addition, there are images of the newly opened entrance to the Neuvo Vallarta property. These come as Vidanta announces the new opening as of December 15. Gary III also contributed in the Forum. Lots of news, and more to come....Thank you all....

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2018-03-23 We are Plantinum Level members in the Residence Club (full share in a 2 Bedroom Loft unit). I sent a friend to Nuevo Vallarta yesterday to be in a 1 bedroom GL Villa. They were denied Platinum (black) bands and were given a Studio Loft in Tower V. Clearly not what I had book, nor what was stated on their reservation. They were given this by 3 people at a desk in the Santuario. The 3 were very rude to my guests and told them unless they were with the owner, they had no privileges and were like anyone else who walked off the street. Then they asked them how much money the paid me. What! They were pushing them to go on a sales presentation.

I spent the better part of the afternoon trying to straighten this out to no avail. I was transferred all over the place and was told Platinum privileges on my contract do not say anything about guests receiving them. I countered with, it doesn't say anything about my guests not receiving them. Frustrating. I encouraged my guests to be persistent and hold out until they honored the reservation for a 1 bedroom Villa. After 4 hours they were given that, but no black wrist bands.
I have sent other guests to NV and they received all our privileges — black band included — and I told Customer Service this. Their response was, that was a mistake and I was lucky that happened.

When I was in NV last November, the Utah Jazz corporate guys were there being treated to golf, rooms, etc. in the hopes that corporate would buy into the Vidanta properties so that they could send clients and give away weeks as perks. So I wonder when a corporation sends clients to the resort, how are they treated. I doubt the same as my guests.

Another thing I wonder. Last year we added the VIP Entertainment package and were told it included tickets for everyone staying in the room. Now I wonder if when the Park opens and I send a guest, are they going to say the privileges only apply to the owners?

You can't change your policies midstream, but that seems to be what's happening with Vidanta. For example, my contract says complimentary golf for all Groupo Vidanta courses, but now we are told it's complimentary only for the Jack Nicklaus course in Nuevo. I'm here in Puerto Penasco and they want $99 for the golf.

By the way, I paid full price for the 1 bedroom GL Villa. It was not an Ambassador certificate.
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2019-01-15 Hola!
Regarding the question about construction of Estates in Riviera Maya, ground may be broken, but there does not appear to be any structural construction yet. Management may have decided where the Estates will be located in Riviera Maya, but there is no official announcement. Just as there is no official announcement regarding Nuevo Vallarta either. That said, the buildings on the Jalisco side of the river are pretty stout, so there is a strong likelihood that they will be the first Estate buildings.
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2019-04-28 Since I am a new member on the block my simple question is to verify if this is the better way to ask questions or if there is another page for me to follow through... Answer will come directly to my E-Mail.??. Thank You So Much For Your Help, as I mentioned before I need to learn how to ask and how will I receive the Answers back, My E-mail sdomenechsr at aol.com Thank You All Again.
2018-11-29 Is anyone aware of the new process being used for Privileged weeks? According to reservations, they will no longer book SFX Privilaged weeks for holidays through reservations. Unfortunately they do not know how SFX privileged weeks will be booked.
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2019-01-14 Fantastic Property
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Our group of six adults and four kids had a fantastic time at Vidanta Nueva Vallarta. The resort property is mind-bogglingly large, yet accessible. Walking around the area is easy, and there are convenient shuttles if you'd like that never had a long wait. There are pools everywhere. The ones by the Grand Mayan are best for kids, as there are some fountains that help mask the noise. Before we discovered those, we felt a little guilty about having loud kids in a quieter pool area (but not too guilty; what do you expect at a pool, anyway?). The beach is giant, and the setting is gorgeous.

We were in a Presidential Suite. The Suite was very nicely appointed and had more than enough space for all of us.

Plenty of restaurants to choose from, though we learned the hard way that some won't let you come in your pool attire (even if you are dry. The explanation was odd: the kids can't come, the reason is they are wet, but the kids were the only ones who had changed into dry clothes. And this was one of the restaurants listed as "casual," if I recall). The market was enough to keep us stocked for breakfasts, snacks, a few kids dinners (and could easily allow for cooking more than we did). We did not need to go to a grocery store off-site.

If I had to nitpick, most of the pools were quite cold, except for the ones by the Grand Mayan; WiFi was intermittent and slow, something to consider if this is a necessity; and it was sometimes difficult to get a dinner reservation. We were warned about the dinner reservations during the peak season, but it still did not quite make sense. One place said they only had early availability, but then a good 75% of the restaurant remained empty during our 2-hour meal (lucked out that we left the kids with the grandparents that night...).

In all, we loved our stay. This was our first time here and we are already thinking of coming back.

Date of arrival
December 22, 2018
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2017-01-10 Another Fake Grupo Vidanta Offer

An Aimfair member sent a letter he recently received that purported to be from Grupo Vidanta. Well, he saw right through the unsolicited offer and new it was a scam. He wanted to share his letter as a warning to other Aimfair members and new members to Grupo Vidanta.

Remember - Only YOU can help stamp out scams - DON'T SEND MONEY!

T - Possible Scams 412
2016-02-28 Fake Mexican Official - Again - Surfaced by Peter

A person representing himself as employed by an arm of the Mexican Federal Government called Peter. Suspicion and caution motivated Peter to contact the Canadian Mexican Consulate. The response to Peter's inquiry was the email address in forms provided by the caller were not official email addresses and the offer was a scam.

This is the second instance of the Fake Restitution Scam in one year. Tap to read Peter's post....

Help stamp out scammers....don't write that check!!
T - Possible Scams 412
2013-05-01 The Mayan Place Plaza Building - Photos From "Boots on the Ground"

Boots has been very generous with his time while on vacation for two weeks in Nuevo Vallarta. He has shared his updates and photos. There are more to come. But this installment shows the current state of the Mayan Palace Plaza building. It certainly is changing. Thank you Boots....

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Current News 310
2015-06-28 Update by Jim from Nuevo Vallarta

Golf holes are changing, the bridge across the Ameca River to the Norman Course is to be a replica of the Golden Gate Bridge, and Building Five is growing. Lots going on and more to come. Thanks Jim...

Current News
2013-06-01 Red River Portfolio Management and Equity Group of Oklahoma City, OK and Old Bay Title and Escrow Services - Be Very Careful....

An Aimfair and Grand Luxxe member has paid money in connection with a purported sale of her Grand Luxxe Master Suite and does not expect to get it back. Too bad. She was taken advantage of and has shared her story with Grupo Vidanta and us. Remember...If its too good to be true, then it is likely not.....true! Please let us know before you spend money!

T - Possible Scams 412
2014-11-02 SPA Pools Open November 1, 2014

After more than two years of discussion and construction, the SPA Pools are now open. Also, a new restaurant called FreshCo is now open. The Kiddies Club is not yet open, but it appears ready to go. Thank you Sheryl and Gordon. On we go...

Current News 390
2012-11-17 Grand Luxxe Tower III B opened on November 16, 2012. Other changes taking place include opening a new cart path to Towers III A and B, turning on fountains at the entrances to Tower III A and cart paths, opening a new reception area for Towers III A and B and introducing a new transportation scheme that serves Towers III A and B. There is more...

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Current News 265
2015-04-22 Guy Lilaberte expands the reach of Cirque du Solei by selling a majority interest in the company he founded to three investment funds that are interested in global lifestyle investments. PRNewswire and Forbes Magazine published their articles on April 20, 2015. Very interesting for sure. There is lots more to come

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Current News 421
2013-12-06 Our visit to the Loft Three Bedroom Residence.


The word used to describe our first impression as we walked through the front door of the three bedroom loft model. Click here to read more....

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Current News 345

Renting Weeks?

We asked the question of ourselves - is it realistic to expect returns from renting timeshare weeks?
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2012-06-19 More News from Nuevo Vallarta - Update

Lindsa_m sent us a map of Nuevo Vallarta, which is interesting when compared with an aerial photo taken in December 2010 and others taken earlier, and Scott provides his comments about his experience at the Nuevo Vallarta Grand Luxxe...

Current News 417
2011-08-07 Wendy's Update

As noted in our Welcome page, Wendy sent us photos of the Mayan Palace building in deconstruction.

She also followed up with some answers to our questions. Thank you Wendy....

Current News 141
2012-07-25 Updates From Grupo Vidanta

Updates from Grupo Vidanta personnel are touchy at best because there is so much change. Regardless, we will periodically be posting comments that are for public knowledge and authorized by Grupo Vidanta. We appreciate the opportunity to receive and publish these updates.

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2012-07-21 Offers to Members of Closed Market Bases

Vida Vacation Club is no different from any other member of the hospitality industry when it comes to gaining exposure to attract members. Therefore, it was no surprise to see an email from Jim, who is a fellow Grand Luxxe member. It is a very competitive market.

This is a Vida Vacation Club offer to members of the GolfHub community to visit a Grand Mayan Resort during the months of May through October.  It demonstrates a new way Vida Vacation Club wants to reach out to expose new visitors to the Vida Vacation Club family of resorts.

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