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2012-10-07 Traveling as a group has benefits:
  • Of course, we expand our spheres of awareness, because the people we spend time with become a bigger part of our lives. Does life become richer?
  • It is likely the benefits offered a group are greater than benefits offered to individuals.
  • Information exchange is meaningful and longer lasting.
  • There is nothing more fun than sharing meals with new people.
  • Cruising can be exhilarating, especially when you have something in common with the rest of the group.
  • Cruising is just one more way for disparate members of a group to see each other again.
There are many other reasons traveling together is enjoyable. What do you think?
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How Timeshares Work...

is a description of how the timeshare process works as presented by Resorts Developers Organization, the United Kingdom industry organization devoted to establishing and maintaining ethical standards for developers and other organizations in the timeshare industry.

Resort Developers Organsation...

is a European trade association that was formed in 1998 "to improve representation for reputable companies in the timeshare sector and promote fair trading, quality within and growth of the timeshare industry."
2012-09-18 One member shared with us a trip they took on the Columbia River from Portland. It was an eight day trip up the Columbia to the Snake River.

It was an interesting trip, but they said they would not recommend it. Why? The on board facilities were not up to their expectations.

That does not discourage them from other river trips. It is just that they have done the Columbia cruise and are moving on.
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2012-09-18 Aimfair members can now discuss items having to do with travel to other places. Subjects could be alerts, fun places to visit in other parts of the country or other countries, unique experiences, and other information that is of interest.

We love hearing about real life situations and what to look out for or enjoy!
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2019-04-28 Since I am a new member on the block my simple question is to verify if this is the better way to ask questions or if there is another page for me to follow through... Answer will come directly to my E-Mail.??. Thank You So Much For Your Help, as I mentioned before I need to learn how to ask and how will I receive the Answers back, My E-mail sdomenechsr at aol.com Thank You All Again.
2012-09-09 Cruise Options and Poll
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2012-09-11 Cruise Options and Poll
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2012-09-11 This is a great place to put member thoughts. What about travel news. Yes, we can put travel news here too.
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  1. Don't forget your visa.
  2. Renew your passport.
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2012-10-06 The Panama Canal cruise from Los Angeles to New York City on May 6, 2013 is in the planning stages if you would like to participate. Read more...
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2012-09-18 Click here to learn what members are saying about the three cruise options. Won't you join us as we explore three cruise options?
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2012-09-18 Results of the August 19 AimfairVacations.com cruise opinion poll are in. Read member's comments. We found them fascinating. Also, feel free to add your own opinion too. Just follow the link below:
Here are the results so far:
  1. The Panama Canal cruise was most popular, then the trip to the British Isles and then the Fall Colors.
  2. The levels of interest are six 5's for the Panama Canal cruise, two 5's for the British Isles cruise and one for the Fall Colors cruise.
  3. Two participants registered with 1's across the board. We thank you for participating and letting us know you have no interest in cruises.
The bottom line of our poll is the Panama Canal cruise is the most interesting of the three.

We thought a cruise through the Panama Canal would be interesting too.

So, let's move forward.

Just state your interest in joining others on a trip through the Panama Canal in the poll. Register a 5 for the Panama cruise and 1's for the other two. Then type "I am interested in the Panama Canal cruise" in the text box of the poll. Maria will get in touch with you. Once again, here is the link to the Cruise Options and Poll:
What fun!!
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2013-04-20 Wine, Dine and Music Cruise
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2013-05-01 The Mayan Place Plaza Building - Photos From "Boots on the Ground"

Boots has been very generous with his time while on vacation for two weeks in Nuevo Vallarta. He has shared his updates and photos. There are more to come. But this installment shows the current state of the Mayan Palace Plaza building. It certainly is changing. Thank you Boots....

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2015-06-28 Update by Jim from Nuevo Vallarta

Golf holes are changing, the bridge across the Ameca River to the Norman Course is to be a replica of the Golden Gate Bridge, and Building Five is growing. Lots going on and more to come. Thanks Jim...

Current News
2014-11-02 SPA Pools Open November 1, 2014

After more than two years of discussion and construction, the SPA Pools are now open. Also, a new restaurant called FreshCo is now open. The Kiddies Club is not yet open, but it appears ready to go. Thank you Sheryl and Gordon. On we go...

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2012-11-17 Grand Luxxe Tower III B opened on November 16, 2012. Other changes taking place include opening a new cart path to Towers III A and B, turning on fountains at the entrances to Tower III A and cart paths, opening a new reception area for Towers III A and B and introducing a new transportation scheme that serves Towers III A and B. There is more...

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2015-04-22 Guy Lilaberte expands the reach of Cirque du Solei by selling a majority interest in the company he founded to three investment funds that are interested in global lifestyle investments. PRNewswire and Forbes Magazine published their articles on April 20, 2015. Very interesting for sure. There is lots more to come

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2013-12-06 Our visit to the Loft Three Bedroom Residence.


The word used to describe our first impression as we walked through the front door of the three bedroom loft model. Click here to read more....

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2012-06-19 More News from Nuevo Vallarta - Update

Lindsa_m sent us a map of Nuevo Vallarta, which is interesting when compared with an aerial photo taken in December 2010 and others taken earlier, and Scott provides his comments about his experience at the Nuevo Vallarta Grand Luxxe...

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2011-08-07 Wendy's Update

As noted in our Welcome page, Wendy sent us photos of the Mayan Palace building in deconstruction.

She also followed up with some answers to our questions. Thank you Wendy....

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2012-07-25 Updates From Grupo Vidanta

Updates from Grupo Vidanta personnel are touchy at best because there is so much change. Regardless, we will periodically be posting comments that are for public knowledge and authorized by Grupo Vidanta. We appreciate the opportunity to receive and publish these updates.

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2012-07-21 Offers to Members of Closed Market Bases

Vida Vacation Club is no different from any other member of the hospitality industry when it comes to gaining exposure to attract members. Therefore, it was no surprise to see an email from Jim, who is a fellow Grand Luxxe member. It is a very competitive market.

This is a Vida Vacation Club offer to members of the GolfHub community to visit a Grand Mayan Resort during the months of May through October.  It demonstrates a new way Vida Vacation Club wants to reach out to expose new visitors to the Vida Vacation Club family of resorts.

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2011-03-30 Greg's Videos of Nuevo Vallarta...

Greg is now retired and vacationing. He spent seven weeks in Nuevo Vallarta enjoying his first ever extended vacation.

While there, he recorded 9 videos of different locations on the property, including the Nayar Golf course and buildings under construction.

From the looks of it, Greg had a wonderful time. Congratulations Greg, and thanks for sharing with us.

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