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We have created a place that we call Corners for each of the 8 properties, where members can share comments, experiences and photos with other members. Corners may also be used to share other news that members feel is important to the rest of us.

What else can we share? Restaurants, sites, excursions, golf outings, deals, new finds and photos of the resort are subjects that we are all interested in.

Sharing experiences you had during your update presentations is always interesting. Change, we all like to hear about change.

While on the subject of the sales presentation, one thing we all must remember is the company cannot survive without sales. Therefore, the sales person across the table from you is doing his or her job as best they can. So, the relevant points of a presentation are worth sharing. It is not relevant that a sales presentation takes too long, because we all choose what we will and will not listen to. On the other hand, it is relevant if you have been mistreated in some way.

In the final analysis, Corners is about sharing. Join in and have fun.

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