Park I - West Entrance - Hetzel Design 2020 1200x850 Snag 1

The Park Entrance as designed by Hetzel Designs. Could be close to reality.

The Park I as of June 16, 2021

July 24, 2021

A great review was followed by wonderful photos of almost all of the property in Nayarit and Jalisco.

First, the Park I photos. A small amount of narrative follows each photo, and they are grouped into sections that include:
Enjoy the photos and watch the Parks evolve over the coming years.

Entrance to Park I

03_Entrance 6-3-21 1200x800 DSC_6159

Possible entrance to Taxi and Passenger loading area for Park I

16_Entrance 6-14-21 1200x800 DSC_6192

Possible parking area for off-property guests

06_Entrance 6-14-21 1200x800 DSC_6161

Possible entry point for off-property guests

04_Entrance 6-14-21 1200x800 DSC_6160

Possible guest entry point with restrooms.

07 _Entrance 6-14-21 1200x800 DSC_6162

Possible access point to cart trains to the Park I resorts

14_Entrance 6-14-21 1200x800 DSC_6190

Possible entry point for guests and luggage and transportation to the hotels

08_Entrance 6-14-21 1200x800 DSC_6163

Possible cart route to hotels

09_Entrance 6-14-21 1200x800 DSC_6164

Walkways to Park I entrance

36_Restaurants and Interior 6-14-21 1200x800 DSC_6172

Restaurants and the interior of Park I. Where will the castle be built?

15_Entrance 6-14-21 1200x800 DSC_6191

Possible Walkway to the Park I entrance by hotel guests

10_Entrance 6-14-21 1200x800 DSC_6165

Entrance to Park I - A tropical garden

13_Entrance 6-14-21 1200x800 DSC_6189

Entrance to Park I - Gateway to the Park

11_Entrance 6-14-21 1200x800 DSC_6167

Entrance to Park I - Cement structures may have water features to accent the tropical garden

12_Entrance 6-14-21 1200x800 DSC_6169

Entrance to Park I - Cement structures may have water features to accent the tropical garden

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Kingdom of the Sun and infrastructure

22_Interior and Kingdom of the Sun II 6-14-21 1200x800 DSC_6185

Looking down the SkyDream Path. Some of the area will be covered in water. Also, underground facilities are under construction, and these facilities could support pumps, electrical distribution and other services. Complex, for sure!

18_KOS and Infrastructure 6-14-21 1200x800 DSC_6184

Kingdom of the Sun and changed infrastructure. The underground system will be amazing. Back of the Office Tours?

18a_KOS and Infrastructure 6-14-21 1200x800 DSC_6184

Note how close the Parachute ride is to the restaurants. The area may be the Malecom with shops as well.

18b_KOS and Infrastructure 6-14-21 1200x800 DSC_6184

More Kingdom of the Sun infrastructure but at a closer perspective.

23_Kingdom of the Sun I 6-14-21 1200x800 DSC_6177

Kingdom of the Sun I are taking shape. Clearly the exteriors of the Kingdom of the Sun I and II are different from initial architectural renderings.

24_Kingdom of the Sun I 6-14-21 1200x800 DSC_6182

Kingdom of the Sun I has a space between the two towers. Maybe that space was to allow SkyDream riders to see across the entire park to Kingdom of the Sun II. Who knows....

25_Kingdom of the Sun I and Cascades 6-14-21 1200x800 DSC_6183

Kingdom of the Sun I is next to Cascades. Cascades is clearly a smaller venue and may have units the size of Mayan Palace floor plans.

26_Kingdom of the Sun I Cascades 6-14-21 1800x800 DSC_6178

This view provides a clearer picture of Cascades and its size relative to Kingdom of the Sun I.

27_KOS I Circular Structure 6-14-21 1200x800 DSC_6176

The circular structure is still a mystery. Maybe this will be shops and restaurants. Time will tell. Leave a comment if you know what Vidanta plans for this structure. It has been under construction for years.

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Projected Phase One Structures

20_Intamin Parachute Ride and Restaurants 6-14-21 DSC_6168

Construction of the Intamin parachute ride is under construction at the East end of the entrance to Park I. It could be one of the first venues guests see after passing through the elegant entrance.

29_Parachute Ride Restaurants Circular structure 6-3-21 1200x800 DSC_6175

It appears the only venues under construction now are the Intamin ride, the restaurants along the shoreline of the lagoon and the circular structure next to Kingdom of the Sun I. Of course the lagoon is under construction too.

17_Future Phase I 6-14-21 1200x800 DSC_6186

The Intamin parachute ride is close to the restaurants (The cement structure next to the curvy water barrier.). The area could be a Malecon with shops.

17a_Future Phase I Parachutte ride and restaurants 6-14-21 1200x800 DSC_6186

Guests will enter the center of Park I on foot through the East end of the entrance. There are many cement structures and what appear to be footing structures. We will have to wait for answers to our questions.

19_Intamin Parachute Ride and Restaurants 6-14-21 1200x800 DSC_6187

The Intamin ride is relatively close to the restaurants. It appears there are three green tubes that will be connected. Each one could be 20 to 25 feet tall. The ride could be 75 to 80 feet tall when all the components are connected.

19a_Intamin Parachute Ride and Restaurants 6-14-21 1200x800 DSC_6187

This view shows how much space is available to be developed. Grupo Vidanta will likely try to lease sections to outside parties, based upon the wording in the Park contracts. Independent operators will be in charge of individual concessions.

21_Intamin Parachute Ride and Restaurants 6-14-21 1200x800 DSC_6170

One good example is the structure shown above. How the building will be divided is not clear. But it is likely a part of the structure will be devoted to one or more restaurants. Another interesting feature are the two cement boxes that will be submerged. Are these footings for something like a ferris wheel? Stay tuned.....

19b_Restaurants and Ride Footing maybe 6-14-21 1200x800 DSC_6187

The circular structure is interesting too. It has been under construction more than a year, and it is surrounded by infrastructure. We anticipate this will be a key element of Park I.

35_Restaurants and Circular Structure 6-14-21 1200x800 DSC_6171

This view again shows the vast amount of property that will be developed some day. Certainly it will be over a number of years.

36_Restaurants and Interior 6-14-21 1200x800 DSC_6172

The area in this photo has changed many times over the past several years.

02_Circular Structure and Interior 6-14-21 1200x800 DSC_6174

Another structure in the background could be a restaurant as well. There will have to be a number of restaurants to satisfy the needs of all the guests that arrive next year when Phase I opens.

17b_Future Phase I Restaurants and infrastructure 6-14-21 1200x800 DSC_6186

It is amazing to see all the steel and cement being used in this project. Also, there are many venues that will appear over time. For example, it will be interesting to learn what the flat area near the Cascades Hotel will become.

36a_Restaurants and Interior 6-14-21 1200x800 DSC_6172

The Cascades hotel is small relative to the other hotel structures on the property. The rooms are limited in size, again relative to the other buildings on the property. The rooms are likely to be competitively priced to provide guests with economically viable option to consider.

30_Park I and KOS II 6-14-21 1200x800 DSC_5997

Park I is a major undertaking, for sure. The towers in the distance provide an interesting skyline. It is exciting!

31_Park I KOS I and Park Entrance 6-14-21 1200x800 DSC_6005

Looking back over the area covered by the SkyDream gondola provides a glimpse of the scope of Vidanta World in Riviera Nayarit. New hotel structures are in place. Phase I may open at the end of 2022. It will be exciting to see what is finished by then.

37_Station 5 - Highway 200 6-14-21 1200x800 DSC_6181

Vidanta World is coming to town.

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Possible Cirque du Soleil Show location

32_Possible Cirque Area 6-3-21 1200x800 DSC_6188

__A section of Park I is said to be devoted to a Cirque du Soleil type of show that may or may not be directly linked to Cirque du Soleil itself. This section may be closer to the river and on the south edge of the property. Nothing is for certain, but hints have been suggested. We will see.

33_PossibleCirque Structure 6-14-21 1200x800 DSC_6166

You will notice that the areas in this and the photo above are unique. It is possible outdoor venues could take place in this area. We will have to wait to see.

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If you have stayed with us this far, here are photos of the Tennis and Pickleball Courts

38_Tennis and Pickleball Courts 6-14-21 1200x800 DSC_6157

__Tennis courts are beautiful. So are the Pickleball courts. It just takes a while to get to them. Start at the Golf Pro shop below the Residence Tower.

39_Tennis and Pickleball Courts 6-14-21 1200x800 DSC_6158

It looks as though there are two Pickleball courts on one tennis court. Demand may increase the number of Pickleball courts during the winter months.

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Vidanta World and The Lagoon

40_Entering Vidanta World 6-14-21 1200x800 DSC_6179

Vidanta World is the new group name. It conveys the breadth of Vidanta's new vision. Here the sign appears on the roadway into the property.

41_Vidanta World 6-14-21 1200x800 DSC_6180

The Vidanta World symbol is very obvious on Highway 200, as well it should be.

42_Vidanta World Signage Highway 200 6-14-21 1200x800 DSC_6006

The Highway 200 sign is highly visible as is evident from the SkyDream Gondola as it moves toward or away from the highway.

28_Lagoons 6-14-21 1200x800 DSC_6173

We can't forget the lagoon. It is there and connected to the lagoon on the east side of the highway. It is unclear what if anything will be located in the area. Some say it is used to help control flooding in extreme weather. Nothing official has been announced. So, we will just enjoy the beauty and realize that holding ponds are great ways to save property for future use.

These photos are terrific! They give us a great understanding of the progress made to date at Park I. Thank you CR for sharing your experiences with us. Next we will delve into the Estates. Thank you....!!
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