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Grand Luxxe II and III from new Walkways - Feb 19 2013 (Our thanks go to Suzzie for these photos.)

Current News contains "heads-up" news about what is happening at properties owned by Grupo Vidanta, with Grupo Vidanta, and announcements. Basically, Current News could be anything fellow Members or viewers might think is relevant to fellow Members. Updates to Current News originate from within Aimfair.com and viewers of Aimfair.com who send their post to infoaboutus@aimfair.com.

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2017-06-23 ILG, Inc. Combining With Marriott?

What do you think about a business combination (merger) between ILG, Inc., the holding company that owns Interval International, and Marriott? Well, there is a hedge fund that owns a position in ILG, Inc. that has written an open letter to ILG, Inc. urging management to consider such a move. Interesting! Stay tuned....

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2017-06-22 The Luxury Cruise business is heating up.

Disney offers cruises to its members, and the Vida Vacations Sales Department has informed all of us that Vidanta has purchased a ship that is now being refurbished and updated.

Read more about Vidanta Alegria by tapping here...

Now we have learned that Ritz Carlson has entered the Luxury Cruise market as well. Based on the Ritz Carlson experience, and the time it has take them to be ready to sail by 2018, we estimate Vidanta management will take its time before offering cruises to its members as well. So don't expect anything soon. Nice idea though, don't you think? Tap here to read the Ritz Carlson article.

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2017-06-16 Tower Five B Update

Tower Five B in Nuevo Vallarta has reached its height and the Sales Department informs us now that the Penthouse floor will be 2 and 3 bedroom Loft Residence floor plans. Eight more units in Nuevo Vallarta will be added to the total inventory of Loft Residences available for use in Nuevo Vallarta and Riviera Maya. Read more by tapping this paragraph....

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2017-05-27 The Luxxe Jungle Suites in Riviera Maya Open in June, 2017

The Vidanta Traveler is a newsletter that is published by Grupo Vidanta and often times used to make important announcements. The May 26, 2017 issue announced the opening of the Luxxe Jungle Suite Towers. They are located on the north west side of Vidanta's Riviera Maya property. These are all one bedroom suites with two full bathrooms. They are not to be confused with the Luxxe Suite Condos, which are located in the Luxxe Buildings One and Two. A terrific feature that is available to all Luxxe guests is the new Lazy River, which will thread its way throughout the Luxxe Jungle Suite Tower area. Very cool! See you there.

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2017-05-26 What is a Themed Water Park?

The Vidanta Vallarta water park may be one of the most elaborate in the world, according to an article that appeared on the Theme Park University website. So, we compared a newly opened water park called Volcano Bay, a Universal Studios water park in Orlando, Florida. It is a 30 acre park with 13 slides/rides all in water. There are two beaches and two reefs. So, is this what the Vidanta Vallarta Water Park will become? Time will tell. December, 2018.....is the opening date. Stay tuned....

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2017-05-16 News Release by Vidanta - More information about the Convention Center at Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta. Four dance halls, four board rooms, impressive lobby and centrally located. Will the crowds grow? We will see. Stay Tuned....

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2017-05-14 Gary III's Update - Penthouse Loft and Nuevo Vallarta Tours

Gary III is one of the original Aimfair members, and he and Darlene, his wife have contributed updates over the past 8 years. In fact, they deserve credit for the large seats that are located outside the entrance to Luxxe Tower One.

Today's update has to do with his recently completed 2 week stay in a Penthouse 1 BR Loft Residence, the tour to The Park, a new on-site Tequila Tour and a tour to the small towns of Mascota and Talpa de Allenda through Discovery Tours. These are two beautiful agricultural communities. In fact the John Deere tractor dealer's property in Mascota was impeccable. The trip is about 70 miles out and 70 miles back - an all day event.

Thank you again for sharing your experiences with us Gary III. Very informative, as usual....

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2017-04-20 Vidanta Cruises - May Become Reality

Over the past several months, rumors about Vidanta purchasing a ship in order to offer cruises to its members have circulated. So far, nothing official has been announced.

However, an alert Aimfair member found a notice on the Internet that suggested a ship was purchased by an anonymous entity and the name of the ship was changed to Vidanta Alegria.

If so, this ship is now in Singapore at what appears to be a dry dock. Information from Vida Vacations sales department has corroborated the announcement by saying the ship is being reconfigured to meet Vidnata's Luxxe standards.

The nice thing about ships is you can follow their course when they are underway or stationary. This article provides photos of the ship and a link to use if you wanted to see where the ship is now. Not so interesting now, but it will be when the ship starts a sailing routine. What fun!! Stay tuned....!

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2017-03-26 Aimfair Gathering Minutes - March 22, 2017

This was the last Gathering of the season; there have been 7 Gatherings of Aimfair members and non-members since November 9, 2016. Vida Vacations provided the sessions with a speaker (Mr. Brett Estes, Member Liaison for Vida Vacations) and complementary libations, which was a wonderful surprise. The March 22 Gathering also highlighted a volunteer facilitator, Mr. Bill Shannon, who did a wonderful job of keeping questions and answers on topic. Notes were taken by Maria DeMarco, who did a great job of keeping up with answers provided by Brett.

The January and February meetings would not have been successful without the essential, volunteering help from Stan and Jan Morrow, who took minutes of all the meetings and Lisa and Linda in Seattle, who helped when they were available too. Finally, we could not have been current without all the suggestions for questions posed by Aimfair members who could not attend.

In all, it was a good, first time experience that included a representative from Vida Vacations to answer questions. You can view the minutes and survey results by tapping this paragraph.

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2017-02-19 Recap of February 8 Gathering

The February 8 Gathering was a smaller and more manageable group because admission was limited to Aimfair members who had registered beforehand. Questions raised were similar to those raised in earlier Gatherings. You can view the results by tapping this paragraph. Thank you to all for participating.

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