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2018-03-23 We are Plantinum Level members in the Residence Club (full share in a 2 Bedroom Loft unit). I sent a friend to Nuevo Vallarta yesterday to be in a 1 bedroom GL Villa. They were denied Platinum (black) bands and were given a Studio Loft in Tower V. Clearly not what I had book, nor what was stated on their reservation. They were given this by 3 people at a desk in the Santuario. The 3 were very rude to my guests and told them unless they were with the owner, they had no privileges and were like anyone else who walked off the street. Then they asked them how much money the paid me. What! They were pushing them to go on a sales presentation.

I spent the better part of the afternoon trying to straighten this out to no avail. I was transferred all over the place and was told Platinum privileges on my contract do not say anything about guests receiving them. I countered with, it doesn't say anything about my guests not receiving them. Frustrating. I encouraged my guests to be persistent and hold out until they honored the reservation for a 1 bedroom Villa. After 4 hours they were given that, but no black wrist bands.
I have sent other guests to NV and they received all our privileges — black band included — and I told Customer Service this. Their response was, that was a mistake and I was lucky that happened.

When I was in NV last November, the Utah Jazz corporate guys were there being treated to golf, rooms, etc. in the hopes that corporate would buy into the Vidanta properties so that they could send clients and give away weeks as perks. So I wonder when a corporation sends clients to the resort, how are they treated. I doubt the same as my guests.

Another thing I wonder. Last year we added the VIP Entertainment package and were told it included tickets for everyone staying in the room. Now I wonder if when the Park opens and I send a guest, are they going to say the privileges only apply to the owners?

You can't change your policies midstream, but that seems to be what's happening with Vidanta. For example, my contract says complimentary golf for all Groupo Vidanta courses, but now we are told it's complimentary only for the Jack Nicklaus course in Nuevo. I'm here in Puerto Penasco and they want $99 for the golf.

By the way, I paid full price for the 1 bedroom GL Villa. It was not an Ambassador certificate.