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2018-02-22 The good:
· Beautiful apartment. It felt like a home, everyone was really nice and attentive. Fantastic.
· The grounds - very pretty, well-manicured.
· Joya (cirque) - fantastic and the restaurant Nektar next door to the show too. Very special, all really enjoyed it.
· Dive shop people were super nice. High winds so diving was tough, but the team was really friendly and professional. Nice boat as well.
· The Pool for Luxxe guests was good, attentive staff and nice environment.
· Both Nektar and Gong restaurants were very good.
· The Beach Club area on the far side of the resort was very nice too.

The OK
· The Mayan Side was a bit crazy, especially the chair reservation system. People showed up at 7:00 am to reserve spaces, and it was crowded. So it was more difficult to enjoy the myriad of pools on the Mayan side without a spot. We eventually got a Cabana by the beach on the 4th day.
· Restaurant Reservations - very hard to come by. High season, but we didn’t know it would be so packed. Regardless, the food was really good.

The Bad
· Transportation is Bananas. We kept telling them we were platinum. I speak fluent Spanish (born in Latin America) so it wasn’t lack of communication. Shuttles showed up 10 minutes or so, and overall that works ok. But the process is complicated if we wanted to leave the property. We had to plan 30 + minutes ahead to get transportation so we could use the car we rented. First go to the “Lobby Central”, then take the Valet car to get our car. They make it expressly difficult to leave. It took an hour to go to the Joya show, even though we are across the street. We chatted up the drivers in Spanish and became good friends. They said they have been lobbying for a better system. It’s clear management tries to make it difficult to leave.
· The Travel Agents must have a separate financial arrangement with the tours they recommend. I’m not surprised, I’ve seen it a lot and it’s part of how they must personally make extra cash. The Agent recommended a Dive shop in Playa (Phantom Divers) instead of the one in the resort. That usually happens because the one in the resort may not pay a commission. Nice guys, but the diving outfit was very unprofessional. Had to change equipment multiple times - we called them on it - gauges didn’t work, BCD’s were faulty, etc. Bordering on dangerous. The next day we used the resort shop and told them about it. They said the agent does that all the time. Seems unethical.
· Finally the pitch with the “complimentary breakfast” for the Condo sale was pushy. I nipped it in the bud when we checked in. But the constant pitching was annoying. It happened for the most part throughout the property, and we got accustomed to it.