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2017-06-24 Update June 25th Riviera Maya. This is an update - as well as a review. Not sure I wish to say all the pluses as I like not too many people here.

Riviera Maya now offers many advantages over NV. Especially if you are Platinum. Service, staff and transportation is much better than MB and you are treated royally. If Platinum, you have your own concierge and they make reservations and provide all individual transportation whether 2, 4 or more including when you wish to return whether restaurant, beach or Even Cirque Du Soleil! Snack dropped In room daily. Smaller and more intimate than NV. New beach club is nice if you come with kids otherwise loud music, noisy and mosquitos from new construction next door which will be for Platinum only.

Beautiful. Just not for us presently. New jungle Estates construction site and billboard only. Looks Breathtaking if you have millions.

5 buildings now including 1and 2-villas and condos, 3-2 and 3 BR spa units, 4- 4 Bedroom Residence club and 5-1 BR jungle unit. Lazy river there under construction with 2-3 restaurants maybe ready by November. Don't count on it.

Beach, after millions still not accessible to water without water shoes.

Plans, here we go, water park (smaller than NV) with monorail and sky ride from GL side.

Sales same as always. "Update only-2 hours". Sales Rep pushy, smooth cool manager comes
In and lot more Knowledgeable but won't stop pushing and makes multiple different cheap offers and explains why you must upgrade. Final offer is actually a downgrade if you understand full offer. We escaped again.

All in all, incredible vacation especially due to how much better Platinum is treated in RM about NV.