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2017-03-23 We have just returned from 2 weeks in the SPA Tower at Nuevo Vallarta. The apartment was clean and tidy low down but higher shelves etc were caked in thick dust.

As usual we went to the meeting where they tried to sell us an upgrade to the Punta (which building clearly has structural problems) and to some private bungalows they will be building in the grounds. All looks very nice but is likely to be midge and mosquito heaven with all the greenery around as even in the restaurants we were bitten by midges. We declined as apparently did all the other people we talked to. Our sales person became quite aggressive when we said we were not intereted, suggesting we could not afford the $60,000 they wanted. Our Son, a realator, actually got the sales person totally confused which was great to see as usually the shoe is on the other foot.

Frankly the site has now become so big that it is close to being unmanageable. With the apparent 6 more Luxxe Towers and the theme park hotels, I believe the whole complex is now too large for a comfortable holiday. We shall not be returning.