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2021-07-01 Spent two delightful weeks at NV in early June, first week in the Residence and second week in 4BR Estates. We had four-generation family the first week, two, the second week. Again we were "wow'ed". We had been some of the last "out the door on March 20, 2020. The Beachland transformation was dramatic. It was nice to see familiar faces - at least eyes above masks - and cheerful spirits. Staff are fully masked and well trained for hygiene. The vast majority of guests were comfortably vaccinated. The covid test required for US return was handled well as 3rd-party service in the convention center area, provided by a local hospital. We rode the gondola several times, including over the Park with our friendly "sales" tenders. It is sharp. The first park ride (parachute) was beginning assembly while were were there. The infrastructure is substantial. The evolution of earthworks has been amazing the last few years. My wife and I happened on a private dinner showing of "Le Petite Chef". Awesome, not cheap, but awesome. The staff took great delight in our delight. I assume some folks just don't get it - my father wouldn't have.

Now for the Estates -
Service was indeed "over the top". The butlers are indeed trained and certified on site by delegates from the British Butler Institute. They smartly are on call at any time via the WhatsApp phone app. A group is formed for each unit, and requests for info, reservations, transportation etc. are communicated directly to the butler by anyone in the group - even to the summoning of transportation from a particular point at a particular meeting time. Nice. Reality did creep in when there were just too many simultaneous requests and cart flat tires occurred, but best smart efforts were always deployed. We had fun helping the our butler and concierge commission their new afternoon tea service set brought to our room. Our butler, Anika, was smooth, gracious, efficient and effective.

The 4 BR Estates units are 2-story - glorious visually indeed, but the stairs are not built to any US building code and kitchen and room storage space is less than in the Residence. "Clearly designed by a man" I heard some of my party say. Since the number of Estates buildings had to be reduced compared to initial plans, that and the mobility issue feedback drove the change to the Empire Estates design. This created 18 4 BR units for each of two planned pods, while there are only 6 in the initial pod. (Curiously note that the existing occupied pod is labeled #3.) We were shown plans for 2 BR Empire Estates units. I'm unclear where they are located.

Though opening only after we left, we got a brief tour through the Estates pool area. There are two pools, one clearly aimed at families with (or tolerant to) small children, the other with adjoining bar. The area was spacious and elegant, clearly intended for quiet lingering. (No tequila volleyball here.) The Estates gym and spa facilities were under construction, a full restaurant spot had a roof, but apparently the theming was yet indefinite, no work underway there.

The new two-way bridge over the river was under active construction with work proceeding on the approach pillars. Cart traffic was - interesting - with no services available across the river. Drivers were super and friendly. I heard they anticipate a staff of 80 Bellboys/drivers when the Estates is built out.

If you can find a recent enough satellite image of the area, you'll see other smaller rectangular lodging structures under construction between the Estates and the airport. This was announced in April as the Imperial Jungle Aqua, Mayan Palace-comparable accommodations aimed to support the "coming" new water park - similar to Jungle Aqua Experience now operating at RM. This is on Jalisco property, not Nayarit.

We found the food quality as good or better than ever. Lack of full occupancy had most restaurants closed a couple days a week. Everybody is eager for the time that Canadians get the green light to travel, and also for the Mexicans to have ready access to covid vaccines.

We understand that we have bought into dreams crafted and managed by others. We also saw fresh evidence of deep-rooted integrity as a corporate value, which gives me some basis for anticipating further dream realization in the future.

I've many photos that I'll offer to Bob as postable.

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