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2021-06-14 The newest very convincing group to reach out to Vida Vacation members is Fastest Exit, a company that claims to be working with the Mexican Federal Government and the Department of Tourism, depending on who you talk to, with the goal of recovering money spent by Vidanta Members who were victims of misrepresentations. The caller claimed we were flagged as members who did not receive what we thought we purchased. The caller knew the contract number of our most recent purchase and they knew there were promises made that did not appear in our documentation. Turns out that is true. How this person got access to our personal information and knowledge of promises not kept so quickly after our upgrade is the subject for another discussion.

The issue is Vidanta members are paying this company money for services that cannot be backed up. The carrot is getting a full refund of recent payments we made because Vidanta failed to provide what we thought we were buying. Provide the company with contract details and pay them money, and they will do the rest.

We are not alone. Many Vidanta members have been contacted by this company and at least one has "Hired" the company to pursue action against Vidanta. Following are some of their comments:
Below is a recent conversation with another Vidanta member about Fastest Exit.
It is really unfortunate that Vidanta has put itself and members in such a position that causes a total lack of trust and confidence in the Vidanta organization.
It not only affects how members feel about their membership purchase(s) but also puts the viability of the organization in question. New memberships help Vidanta continue with its growth plans and in providing current members with services that they were promised.....Vidanta needs to do a better job in delivering on its promises and treating is membership better.....Will Vidanta change? Not likely but maybe such negative PR pushers like Fastest Exit will encourage the owners of Vidanta to review its practices and take better care of their members.....Our last upgrade (January 2020 -the fourth time) did not go very well at all. It was the most high pressure sales process we went through....It is good to be on aimfair – we wish would have joined earlier that we did.

...After paying Fastest Exit, we did more research and did not feel comfortable moving forward with their program. We emailed and requested a full refund of monies paid. Of course, they were not happy with that. They threatened that we would be put on "their list" and would not work with us in the future should we change our mind. Our biggest concern - even though they have an A rating with the Better Business Bureau, is that we couldn't really find any reviews - positive or negative - about them.

We too received a call from Fastest Exit about our purchase with Vidanta. They claim our contracts are fraudulent and that they will work with us to cancel the contracts and get our money back (less their fees). We called Vidanta and went over exactly what we signed up for and it certainly sounds legit.
We told Fastest Exit we did not want to move forward with them and that we wanted a full refund of monies we approved by them. Very threatening that if we did not move forward with them, they would need to record us and they would not work with us in the future.
Why work with Fastest Exit? They do not have a physical office, even though they provide a box number in AZ.

If you get contacted by this group, ask for names of other Vidanta Members who have hired Fastest Exit to work on their behalf. Ask to talk directly with them and ask about performance. A Class Action suit does not start on its own. Chances are there are none. Bottom line - don't be tempted. Money spent is money lost.

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