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2021-05-13 Resort is running at about 50% capacity and expects to increase that. Some buildings were empty (e.g. Bldg 5) and some people got upgrades because of that. We had originally had a Friday check-in, but United cancelled our flight for that and Vidanta allowed us to have a Thursday check-in instead. Do be aware that you must fill out a Mexican health questionnaire before going through passport control in both directions. It is electronic only; so make sure your smart phone works.

Masks for guests are not required outdoors. They are required in La Plaza and the gym. All staff are wearing masks and undergoing all the hygiene they have advertised. We were not at all worried, but of course all of us were vaccinated. The required testing for returning is quick and easy and is done in the conference center behind La Cantina.

Several of the restaurants were closed or had reduced hours. My wife was particularly distraught as Sal Y Limon and its Cuban sandwich are no more. What was Costa Arena is now Puerto Manjar but still with a seafood focus. It was also the only place open for breakfast other than the buffet. Some of the goodies and activities that one used to get are a bit reduced—undoubtedly as a direct or indirect result of the pandemic curtailment. In general, though it was a lot less crowded.

The gondola is operational between Bldg 5, Santuraio and Beachland. Estates owners can use it freely, others have to ask. If you are with a salesman, you can take it all the way over the park and back, which I recommend. (The park is likely to have a soft opening by the end of the year with most significant parts opening during 2022.)

While there are people staying at the first Estates building, I would not recommend it in the near term. There is no infrastructure over there. Not even the pool is open. You have to be taken by golf cart back across the river for everything. (Estates owners have private beach pool access where the Luxxe beach pool was.) They are building a new bridge and other infrastructure. There is no sign of a gondola connection.

Not everything at Beachland is finished, but Salum is. It is not, however, as nice as the one at RM.

Spatium is open for messages etc, but they have moved the locker rooms outdoors. The new hydro pools are open, but they don’t have permission for sauna/steam rooms yet. They encourage clients to wear masks when appropriate.

Things are constantly changing, but it seems the Vidanta App is reasonably up to date.