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2021-04-07 A review of Quarantining at Vidanta’s Grand Luxxe Nuevo Vallarta:

If I were to describe the experience of quarantining at Vidanta’s Grand Luxxe Nuevo Vallarta in one word, that word would be professional. I will say, when it originally came back that I would need to be quarantined, it was quite frustrating, as I was originally told they would take us to Tower 2. After a getting the results, Vidanta did let me get retested to rule out a false positive. The medical staff came directly to our Condo and administered the tests. Once those results also came back as positive for coronavirus, Vidanta again sprung into action, however, this time they told us they were taking us to Tower 6. Tower 6 is a new Grand Luxxe building that is directly connected to Tower 5. Tower 6 features Grand Luxxe Royal Suites, a new style of unit. Photos are attached below. It featured 2 bedrooms, 3 full bathrooms, a good amount of closet space, but a smaller balcony than other Grand Luxxe units. Staff came directly to our Condo at the Grand Luxxe Punta, cleared the hallways, escorted us to an elevator just for us, then escorted us to a private shuttle that took us directly to Tower 5’s lobby, and then across to Tower 6. When I say escorted, I mean they physically blocked off a path just for us so that other guests would not be near us. Once at Tower 6, we were greeted by our new concierge. He was incredibly helpful, and even gave us his personal WhatsApp. He was very responsive, helpful, and kind to our situation. He was also very attentive, and answered any and all questions within a matter of moments. He helped us with anything and everything from food orders, to daily coffee being sent to us in the morning at a consistent time, to setting up a time for Bell Boys to pick up our suitcases, and so on. We were not allowed to leave the condo, unless it was to pick up housekeeping supplies, toiletries, do laundry, and pick up our food. Those in quarantine are able to use their balconies, but the dipping pool had no water in it.

For food, we had access to a room service menu. The menu was 28 pages, and featured a variety of foods and drinks. We also could use the Vidanta app to pick out and pay for groceries to be delivered to us without any contact. In addition to that, we were able to order Pizzas, and they were promptly delivered to our condo. The food was up to par with the quality of food served at the restaurants. It did however take approximately 30-45 minutes for everything to be delivered, so plan accordingly. That should be expected though, as all the food is prepared as it would be in one of Vidanta’s restaurants.

It is important to note that there was no housekeeping service while quarantining, but there were housekeeping carts that were fully stocked left in the hallway for us to use as needed. The carts had toiletries, fresh towels, toilet paper, garbage bags, fresh sheets, and so on. I will say that each time I opened the door, a security guard peaked around the corner to watch me and make sure I was not leaving the dedicated quarantine area. While that is an understandable measure, it may come off as an extreme measure to some.

Medical staff who operate the testing at Vidanta were also responsive and attentive. They called daily, and also arranged for me to get retested after 5 days had passed from the original test. They came up and administered the test once again in the Condo, emailed results, and also came up again to explain the results. When they came up to administer the tests, they did ask for payment right away, and stated they preferred cash. I will note that with the laboratory, there was some confusion regarding one of my tests, as it listed me at the wrong age. That was corrected once it was pointed out. Miscommunication does happen, but they made sure to fix the issue as soon as possible. I took both the Antigen test, and PCR test, and they were able to administer both directly in the condo. It took anywhere from an hour for results, to 12 hours for results, depending on the test and the time it was given.

Overall, the quarantine experience was professional, all staff were helpful, and the service was up to par with the typical Grand Luxxe experience. Quarantining is not ideal, however, they helped make the experience about as good as it could be.