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2020-01-01 The day after New Years day the rain was over, the day was warm as was the ocean. We were looking for a place for dinner. There are ten of us staying at the Luxxe in Nuevo Vallarta, and seating us at restaurants on the property can be challenging.

As is our tradition, we also walk off the property to Marina Vallarta to see the changes taking place there and visit Ochos Tostadas for dinner. In the past, we could plan on space being available for 10 to 14 us at a time.

So off the property and down the beach we went to view the changes and eat at one of our favorite restaurants.

We were surprised to see new finished construction of condo buildings there. We spoke with an owner who was enjoying the late afternoon on his deck (first floor). He said he loves his new condo. So does his young son, who was there with him too.

We arrived Ochos Tostadas at 6ish PM and the place was packed, and the line waiting to be seated was long.

On our way, we passed a new restaurant called Mazul. The waiter said he could seat us as we walked by. Since Ochos Tostadas was not able to seat us, we returned, were seated, and had a wonderful dinner.

At about 8:00 PM, we finished dinner and headed back to the property.....on the beach again. It was a beautiful way to return to the property. The sound of the ocean, the lights from all the buildings and the white foam from the waves created a memorable end to an evening adventure.

If you want to leave the property for a dinner or lunch, walking the beach is the only way to go!

Update: 3-14-20 - The Little Gate at the 17th Tee Box is open from 7:00 AM to 10:30 PM. This is a great option too….