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2019-11-25 Warning: Pickpocket in Walmart

Glad the AimFair site is back up. About a week and a half ago I had my wallet pickpocketed at Wal-Mart in Nuevo. Fisrt time had this occured in Mexico and first time in 50 years ever. A woman approached me and said I had some bird poop on the back of my tee shirt. I was in the produce dept and with the high ceilings I thought it possible? Went to the restrooms to clean up. The handicap stall was open and as I step into it a gentlemen also noticed the poop and offered to help. I thought this was a little strange but took hs assistance. Once I felt him touch my tee shirt I immediately grabbed my hip pocket where my wallet was.It felt safe. He then stepped out of the stall and I cleaned up my shirt and shorts. Went back to finish my shopping and when I went to pay for my groceries noticed all the credit cards and debit card missing. Pesos were still there. Never felt a thing. Fortunately, the gentlemen behind me made up the overage in my bill.I paid and got out of Wal-Mart. Returned to resort, logged into my accounts and canceled all credit cards stolen. About 2 1/2 hours since the cards were taken, there was one new bogus credit and several debit card transactions in error all pending.

Wanted to get this posted to give everyone a headsup. Even Wal-Mart isn't safe anymore. Back to my old methods of carrying as little cash as possible and a credit card is in my front pocket if at all.