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2019-01-14 Fantastic Property
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Our group of six adults and four kids had a fantastic time at Vidanta Nueva Vallarta. The resort property is mind-bogglingly large, yet accessible. Walking around the area is easy, and there are convenient shuttles if you'd like that never had a long wait. There are pools everywhere. The ones by the Grand Mayan are best for kids, as there are some fountains that help mask the noise. Before we discovered those, we felt a little guilty about having loud kids in a quieter pool area (but not too guilty; what do you expect at a pool, anyway?). The beach is giant, and the setting is gorgeous.

We were in a Presidential Suite. The Suite was very nicely appointed and had more than enough space for all of us.

Plenty of restaurants to choose from, though we learned the hard way that some won't let you come in your pool attire (even if you are dry. The explanation was odd: the kids can't come, the reason is they are wet, but the kids were the only ones who had changed into dry clothes. And this was one of the restaurants listed as "casual," if I recall). The market was enough to keep us stocked for breakfasts, snacks, a few kids dinners (and could easily allow for cooking more than we did). We did not need to go to a grocery store off-site.

If I had to nitpick, most of the pools were quite cold, except for the ones by the Grand Mayan; WiFi was intermittent and slow, something to consider if this is a necessity; and it was sometimes difficult to get a dinner reservation. We were warned about the dinner reservations during the peak season, but it still did not quite make sense. One place said they only had early availability, but then a good 75% of the restaurant remained empty during our 2-hour meal (lucked out that we left the kids with the grandparents that night...).

In all, we loved our stay. This was our first time here and we are already thinking of coming back.

Date of arrival
December 22, 2018