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2018-12-04 Following are my comments about the last Aimfair Gathering held on November 14, 2018:

Bob, Mary Ann,

It was a pleasure to finally meet you after years of only email communication! It was the first time I happened to be on-site when you had one of your gatherings. Thank you for taking the time to arrange them and give members and opportunity to gather and share.

On that sharing topic, I was a bit saddened by some of the petty complaints that were brought up and of course, the one person that feels compelled to monopolize all of the question time. Just like every other meeting you’ve ever been to! I wanted to complement you, Bob, on trying to keep the meeting moving along and most importantly, injecting positivity and humor into it.

I was compelled to state how my reservation experiences have all be great after hearing all of the complaints about the team and the process. That is the one part of Vida I have never had a problem with.

It also amazes me that people have to share something that only impacts them personally and not have any broader appeal. Certainly their concerns were valid, just not in that venue IMHO.

After hearing what my girlfriend and I commonly refer to as ‘first world issues’ I returned to our floor and was talking to our concierge. He told me that earlier that day an owner had complained about the color of the river behind our building and asked if they could do anything about it! I had to say I was totally embarrassed by it.

The one comment that resonated with me from the meeting was around providing a member with information in advance of their arrival with any potential changes or upgrades that might be available. That would save so much time and prepare people to make in some cases substantial financial decisions. They know your account and when you are going to be there so why not let you prepare in advance? It seems to make so much sense for both parties.

I love the idea of being paired with the same agent every time. In my 14 years there I have never seen the same person twice and would welcome that type of one-on-one relationship. It certainly wouldn’t be with the woman we got this time. She went from being sweet as you can be to a viper in 10 seconds.

Best of the Season to you both and I hope our paths cross again soon,