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2012-07-17 I deposited four weeks of our two bedroom Grand Luxxe suite with Interval back in April, 2010.

We exchanged two weeks for a trip in Aruba during June, 2010 at the Marriott and Caribana; one week at the Cochas Chinas in Puerto Vallarta as a gift for my sister-in-law and her husband, and just this weekend finally exchanged for a two bedroom suite at the Westin Kierland Villas in Scottsdale, Arizona in September.

With the exception of the Westin Kierland, the Interval exchanges that we transacted didn't compare at all to the excellent quality of the Grand Luxxe. We are travelling to Scottsdale to use the last week exchange deposit, so we don't have to pay to extend one more time. I really like Scottsdale and travel their frequently for golf and sports outings; however, my wife has never been to Scottsdale. We decided to use up our last exchange to travel to Scottsdale, where under normal circumstances we would have stayed at my friend's condo, or purchased a Getaway at a cheaper rate than the Grand Luxxe fee. In fact the Interval Getaways to the Westin Kierland Villas for a two bedroom cost $430/week – so I feel that we didn't get a good deal at the end of the day.

My point of all this is that we really regret having deposited these four weeks with Interval for exchange. It has been very difficult to find a comparable exchange for the Luxxe with Interval, and at locations and times that we were interested in.

I have voiced my displeasure with both our sales rep at Nuevo Vallarta and with Interval. The service and number of high end exchanges with RCI was far superior than Interval. We exchanged our old Grand Mayan suite a number of times for a beautiful timeshare in Tuscany, Italy – which is not a resort registered with Interval. In fact RCI even advised us how to split the Grand Mayan suite in order to exchange for a one bedroom and two bedroom suite, rather than just a straight up two bedroom exchange.

We will never exchange with Interval again due to the poor quality and availability of comparable resorts. We will use Interval's Getaway program in the future as they do have good deals for Getaways from time to time.

Hopefully Grupo Vidanta will reconsider going back to RCI for all the Grand Luxxe members.


Nino Silvestri