Event Specialists International

September 4, 2012

Three companies with the same names:
Legitimate companies with legitimate businesses.
  • Event Specialists International - In 1999, Event Specialists International pioneered the concept of marketing and advertising vacation properties across the world. Since then, thousands of vacation owners like you have discovered how Event Specialists International Subscribing membership can enrich their lives and enhance their vacation ownership by using our services. This and other information is located at http://eventspecialistsint.com/about.html
Interesting, isn't it?
But wait! The differences are huge. The first two businesses are verifiable and offer verifiable services. The third does not offer any readily verifiable services.
One needs only to try to locate the third company at its address, which is listed on its website as:
  • 801 South Figueroa Street, Suite 701, Los Angeles, CA 90015.
  • The trouble is the 7th floor is occupied by a single tenant! This tenant is not Event Specialists International.
Our viewers have received unsolicited calls and offers from the third company. Content of the company documents is similar to the content presented by companies trying to perpetuate timeshare scams. The offers are similar to offers presented by companies in our Hall of Shame, which are all illegitimate companies trying to bilk unsuspecting owners of timeshare contracts of their money.

Sales Agreement Event Specialists International P1
Sales Agreement Event Specialists International P2
Sales Agreement Event Specialists International P3

Offers to buy your weeks sound great!
Requirements to pay money in advance in order to close such offers are SCAMS.
The third Event Specialists International does not office at the location described on its website. Calls to the main number are forwarded to other numbers, not in the supposed main office. Hard to pin down, yet asking for payments = Potential SCAMS. Stay away!
Thank you for bringing another possible SCAM to our attention...keep them coming!
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