T-PS April152016 Am Trust and Esc Adv

American Trust Services LLC and Escrow Advantage Title Corportation

April 15, 2016

These two "companies" were brought to our attention today. A member received three calls in the same day, and the callers asked for a person who no longer can be reached at the number they called. The right hands were not telling the left hands what was going on.

The bottom line is the following:
  • The telephone number of (612) 235-6136 is listed as the number for American Trust Services LLC and Escrow Advantage Title Corporation. Seems strange to us that two separate "companies" would have the same number.

  • The address listed on the Escrow Advantage Title Corporation website is the same address listed by American Trust Services LLC. Another strange coincidence.

  • The American Trust Services LLC website cannot be reached. That is probably because there is a legitimate company called American Living Trust Services, and it is very likely the company complained about the potential confusion the fake company is causing.

  • You won't be able to reach either "company" at the addresses listed in their websites either. Why? Neither "company" pays any rent to the property manager.
Scam - definitely a scam!!
Thank you Tom for the heads up!!
Remember, only YOU can write that check.....help stamp out scams....don't write that check!!
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