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Fake Vidanta Members Lawsuit Solicitation

November 3, 2019

An Aimfair member asked the following question:
Bob and MaryAnn,

We received a phonemail regarding a lawsuit against Vidanta. Do you know anything about it?

Then, yesterday, I received an email from Members Lawsuit asking me to create a password. I did not open it. Is this legit?

Please advise.
Our answer:
The domain name that seeks your email is memberslawsuit.com, is phishing for your email address and is not legitimate. Consider the following:
  • Dates 418 days old
  • Created on 2018-09-11
  • Expires on 2020-09-11
  • Updated on 2018-09-11
The legitimate domain is memberlawsuit.com, and tapping the name in a browser directs the viewer to Vistage.com, which is a CEO coaching site.

Do not send any information to the party that solicited your email. Who knows where your information will end up.
The difference is one letter: "S". The bad guy's domain is MEMBERSLAWSUIT.COM and the good guy's domain is MEMBERLAWSUIT.COM. That one little S makes all the difference.
Thank you for sharing this important note. Do not send personal information to someone you don't know!
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