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MB Realty LLC - New York

Junly 25, 2019

MB Realty LLC is an active registered company with the New York Secretary of State. However, the people soliciting Estates owners are questionable. There are enough questions about the legitmacy of the offers that scream STAY AWAY!

The following shows how an advance fee scam works. Take the time to digest the highlighted parts of the contract and ask yourself if you would ever make such obligations with a group you don't know and can't contact except by using electronic means.

The most upsetting aspect about this is how the scammers were able to obtain confidential information about Vidanta's members in the first place. The Estates contracts have been sold since 2018, but to only a few people. Now that the first tier of buyers has committed to the project, the product is being sold to a wider group of owners. Unfortunately, names and ownership levels are now appearing in the public domain, which opens the doors to scammers. Vidanta claims to be concerned about these leaks, but unfortunately, efforts to keep confidential information out of the public domain are not yet successful.

Thank you for sharing your experience with all of us.
Help stamp out the Advance Fee Scam! Don't send people you don't know or can't reach by traditional mail money!
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