T-PS 2018July25 Fake CPTM Inquiry

Mexico Tourism Board (CPTM) Fake Employee

July 25, 2018

We received a call from Sr. Antonio Flores yesterday morning. Nice guy. Had our cell phone number, home phone and email address. Knew that we owned a timeshare in Mexico and wanted us to paricipate with the Mexico Tourism Board (CPTM) in its efforts to identify and prosecute scams coming from Mexico. Names he claimed to have investigated and stopped include Lone Star Vacations and others. Very convincing and engaging person. He was calling from 52-558-526-2570 (BTW - this number shows as a US number.).

The caller asked a number of questions, indicating he did not have much information about our timeshare ownership. I asked if he had a form that I could review, and he said he would send it out for me to complete. Following is what he sent:

Note the domain in the email address. In February, 2018, an Aimfair member asked if a similar CPTM inquiry was legit. No, it was not. The sending domain is cptmgob.com.mx, which is not a domain owned by the Mexican government.

This is the form the caller wanted us to sign and agree to the terms:

Would you agree to pay someone for something you did not have any control over? Not likely!

We then decided to talk directly with Executive Director of the Mexican Tourism Board, Sr. José Luis Rangel E (Director Ejecutivo de las Oficinas de Representación en Consejo de Promoción Turistica de México) by email.

This is what the Executive Director sent just moments after we sent our email:

It was very gracious of Sr. Rangel to respond so quickly and invite us to notify him if we receive other email solicitations that he should be made aware of. Thank you, Sr. Rangel.
So beware, our names, telephone numbers and email addresses are in the scammers' hands. Help stamp out scams - Don't Send Money!
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