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August 29, 2017

Here's a good one!

We received a call from (720) 457-0953 and did not pick it up because we did not recognize the number. (It's a shame, isn't it? Don't answer anything without knowing who it is first!! Still open the door without peaking first, but maybe that will go away too....who knows...) Anyway, we received this anonymous call.

So, what do we do? The first thing is search for the telephone number using your favorite search engine. Up came a website called http://www.oceansidets.com/index.html

Then we find that there are a number of domains listed on the website:
  • Oceanside-ts.com - this domain was abandoned and is for sale - but still listed on the subject website.
  • Ocean-Side.com - this domain is for an email address - info at ocean-side.com.
  • oceansidets.com - this domain hosts the website.
Then there are the telephone numbers. One is listed in Denver, CO and the other, the fax line is hosted 35 miles from Denver in Keenesville, CO. Seems strange to us that the fax line would be located away from the supposed main office location.

Finally, there is the address. Although it gives a floor number at a building located in Denver, there is no suite number. Therefore, mail cannot be delivered to the address.

So, how do these facts make us feel about allowing a call to come through from the caller, let alone consider doing business with this group? Not very comfortable.

The industry is full of excellent sales people. They do a great job gaining the confidence of the person receiving the call. But what the process? What happens when the program does not proceed the way it was supposed to go? How do you reach the person or his boss? How do you gain the attention of the authorities in the event things progress so badly that you start looking for help?

We all have many more wonderful things to do with our time other than worrying about doing business with a group that cannot be touched. Enjoy your life, do your due diligence, and stay connected with everyone you deal with.
Remember....only YOU can help stamp out scams! DON'T SEND MONEY!
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