T-PS June162015 Eastern Brokers

Eastern Brokers

June 16, 2015

We received two calls in the past couple of weeks. Both from (215) 279-5863. This is the telephone number listed on the documents the caller sent as an offer to buy 2 + 2 Weeks of a 1 BR Luxxe Villa in Nuevo Vallarta. The offer received by email was for $107,120.00 USD. Features described by the caller included:
  • "No Upfront Fees"
  • Seller responsible for commissions, taxes, due diligence fees, etc.
  • Seller paid fees to be reimbursed from sales proceeds.
  • Seller to provide a copy of the contract coversheet to begin negotiating for the property.
What is fascinating is the caller sounds very much like the person on the recorded call found here: Tap here to listen to the impersonator discuss what he does with the person he is impersonating.

Coincidence? Maybe. But it could be a real possibility because making cold calls and presentations to timeshare owners is his job. And, he claims he makes "millions" of dollars doing what he does.

So we performed our most efficient form of due diligence. We call the management company for the building that is the located at the address listed in Eastern Broker's documentation and on its website. The management company representative said there is no one by the name of Eastern Brokers paying rent in the building. Also, there is no one on the 9th floor by the name of Easter Brokers.

Enough said. If we try to send a certified letter to the address given, it could not be delivered and would be returned. Scam!

The bottom line is if the caller is cloaked in mystery, then why do business with him? Don't do it.
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