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Exquisite Innovative Concepts LLC

July 26, 2014

Three Aimfair members have been contacted by at least one cold calling sales agent since July 7, 2014. The caller states in an email "the "company" has contracts to provide inventory to companies that manage events and conventions worldwide because we have access to inventory from timeshare resorts in top international destinations. In 2009, we organized 320 events in 46 countries for over 31,000 delegates." Wow!! Sounds impressive!

The emailed letter goes on to explain the "company's" mission, what the "company" has done ove the years, and the services offered by the "company". Of course, the caller states he has a connection with Grupo Vidanta.

Next, there is the offer. This offer is $4,950.00 per week for the Residence at the Grand Luxxe. The caller wants to rent 7 weeks for a total of $34,650.00 USD. The caller's commission is 7%, which is $2,425.50 and is payable within 7 days following receipt of full payment.

Well, so far, so good. Still there are questions, mostly money, but many simple due diligence. The mone questions are likely not going to be answered in a trustworthy way because the normal scheme is the seller winds up paying something before he or she can collect anything. Hence, the name Advance Fee Scam.

So we looked up simple things like where the telephone and fax numbers are located. The following images say a lot about whether the caller is believable:

First the address of 609 Observer Highway on the corner of Jackson Street in Hoboken, New Jersey:
609 Observer Hwy and Jackson Hoboken NJ a

So, the building on the corner is supposed to be the office location.

Then, what about the Fax line? It should be located in the office, right? No, it is actually in Jersey City, NJ.
Fax Line - Jersey City a

Well, then maybe the telephone lines will be at the office location, right? No, they are located in Hackensack, NJ.

Phone 1 - Hackensack NJ a
Phone 2 - Hackensack NJ a
Phone 3 - Hackensack NJ a

The bottom line is the telephone lines and fax line are located miles from the supposed office location. Take a look:
Overview - Phones and Fax Lines a

It is highly possible there are good reasons for the spread out nature of the telephone and fax locations. Just to be sure, before closing the door on this group, try sending them a return receipt requested parcel. If the parcel cannot be delivered, there is no way you can trust this group to send you the money you are "guaranteed" to receive.

BTW, you may have wondered why "company" is surrounded by quotes. Well, we tried to find a company called Exquisite Innovative Concepts LLC in the Division of Revenue and Enterprise Service of the State of New Jersey. Here is what we found:

Business Entity Status Report
Search for Exquisite Innovative Concepts LLC

We find it interesting that Innovative Concepts LLC registered the exquisiteinnovativeconceptsllc.com domain. Their telephone number is disconnected.
Remember.....only you can write the check. Just don't do it!
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