T-PS Feb52014 3PL Mgmt

3PL Management - Dallas, Texas

February 5, 2014

We have had three members ask about 3PL Management. Here is what we found:
  • The Gannett Company purchased the Belo Corporation in 2013.
  • The Belo Corporation owned 20 commercial broadcasting television stations and 2 regional 24-hour cable news television channels.
  • Belo had its headquarters at 453 South Market Street, Dallas, Texas. No oher company leased office space in this building.
  • There is no 455 South Market Street, Dallas, Texas, which is the "Contact Us" address listed in the 3PLManagement website.
  • The Fax line is located in Irving, Texas.
  • The email address called info at 3PLmanagement.com is assigned to "Info Housing", which is the same name that is assigned to other email addresses that are associated with possible scams. You can use the following tool offered by YouGetSignal.com to check email addresses your self: http://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/reverse-email-lookup/

Although we could spend more time digging into other sources of information, given the basic fact that we found that the FAX number was in in Irving, Texas, not Dallas and the fact that the address is fictitious, we conclude there is no reason to believe the person who contacted you is a credible source of buyers of timeshare interests. Be very careful if you do chose to pursue a transaction with the individual who contacted you.

3PL Management Authorized Rental Offer
3PL Management Offer

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