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February 23, 2015

Interesting twist! Nino is a cautious Aimfair subscribing member. He called the bluff. The person who cold called assured Nino there were no upfront fees and that any fees paid by Nino would be reimbursed from the sale proceeds. OK, said Nino. Here is his account of what happened next:
Hi Bob and Mary Ann,

Hope all is well with you folks.

I wanted to share with you and our Aimfair members my experience with Premier Business Brokers, and their escrow company, Executive Title.

Like most of us, we receive non-solicited calls from brokers offering to sell or rent our Grand Luxxe weeks.

I usually play along just to find out things like how they obtained our personal information, where the broker is located, etc. I played along with Premier and Executive Title since they had quite an elaborate scheme that I was interested in exposing (I think I missed my calling as a detective.).

Long story short, I told Premier from the beginning that I would not pay any monies to them and that as the landlord, the money had to come to me. Of course, Premier said that was the case. I even had them prepare an addendum to the contract that stated such.

Sure enough, as soon as I signed their contract, they asked me to pay the maintenance fees. I said I would pay Vida directly, knowing that I could receive the money back. I was surprised when they agreed that such was fine to pay Vida the maintenance fees prior to closing. When I sent them the receipt from Vida, they told me all was fine to close. Sure enough, the next day Premier called me to say that I had to pay 25% Mexican sales tax prior to closing without any proof of payment such as a tax bill from the Mexican government. At that point, I cut off communications with them and received my credit back from Vida without any problem.

What is interesting, is that both Premier and Executive Title, are licensed by the states of Minnesota and Nebraska, respectively and are both in good standing. Premier has one complaint against it with the Minnesota Better Business Bureau; and Executive Title has no complaints.

I have since lodged a formal complaint to the Minnesota BBB (please see below) against Premier.

Premier is still trying to contact me via phone and email, but I am ignoring them. Please see attached letter that they sent to me yesterday which is full of nonsense.

Sorry for venting, but I wanted to share this with you folks and the Aimfair members. Please feel free to post this email and the attachment on the Aimfair website to warn our members about Premier Business Brokers and Executive Title.

With sincerest regards,


Following is Nino's complaint filed with the Better Business Bureau - Minnesota:
Filed on : February 17 2015

Filed by :
xxxxxx, ON m2n6p4

Filed against :
Premier Business Brokers
15301 Creekside Ct
Eden Prairie MN 55346-2525

Complaint Description:
I signed a contract with Premier Brokers to rent five weeks of my Mexican time share. Just prior to closing, they asked me to pay 25% Mexican taxes. After signing a rental agreement with Premier Business Brokers to rent five weeks of my Mexican time share, they requested that I pay the maintenance fees to their title company in Omaha, Executive Title. I told them from the beginning that I would not pay any monies to anyone. I had them write up an addendum that stated I would not pay any commissions until I receive the rental funds. As the landlord, the Renter is to pay me. However, I did pay the maintenance fees to my resort and confirmed such to Executive Title with a receipt. Both Executive Title and Premier informed me that everything was in order and that the closing should happen shortly. They called me the day after to insist that I now need to pay 25% Mexican sales taxes via Executive Title. I told them that such was not in the contract and I would not be paying any Mexican sales taxes. If there are any taxes payable, I asked them to verify such, which they have not. In my opinion, Premier is not honoring the rental agreement by asking for monies prior to closing. I understand that there have been other issues with such timeshare rental brokers in the Minnesota area.

Your Desired Resolution:
Not looking for any settlement from these people. Just want other people to be aware of this company's unethical tactics.

This case will be reviewed by a complaint specialist at the Better Business Bureau, and then forwarded to the business for their response. It is our policy to allow the business 10 working days to respond to your complaint. You will be notified when the business has responded.

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Letter of Intent - Premier Business Brokers
Letter of Intent - Premier Business Brokers

Address for the "Back Office" is in a house. Can't seem to find any address reference for the main office address. Telephones are not located at the office address. Although the company calls itself Premier Business Brokers, the domain name is brokerage premier.com. It was formed on November 25, 2014 and it expires on November 25, 2016. Premier Business Brokers is a company in Florida.

Keep this chart in mind every time you get a cold caller asking you if you want to sell your timeshare:
FTC Instagram - Anatomy of a Scam
FTC Instagram - Anatomy of a Scam

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