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Global Luxury Events

February 23, 2015

This potential scam is located in San Francisco. Following are MW's comments about Global Luxury Events.
After numerous letters and calls from Global Luxury Events (probably the same people from the Events Specialists and other groups) offering high prices for my Spa weeks ($6,200) I finally told the caller he was "pushy" and he hung up The lead man goes by the probably phony name of Mark Hammer.

After numerous unanswered emails to Vida customer service, and spending over 2 hours on hold over 2 or 3 days at their phone number, trying to report as requested by them, I hired a lawyer and got the reply below.

The rule of thumb is to avoid unsolicited calls from anyone offering too good to be true prices and charging an up-front fee.

There is a tremendous amount of fraud in this market. You need to be very cautious and stick to companies who have been around for a while and who have good business reputations and some success in unloading time shares.

A useful place to get information before you sign any contract with a reseller is Tug2.net and tug's forum called tugbbs.com. Tug2 is made up entirely of Timeshare owners who have all learned from their mistakes and are eager to educate others and help them sell or rent their timeshares while avoiding problems with scams.

You can also do a search for reputable resellers through the Better Business Bureau's directory of accredited businesses. These are reviewed and vetted by the BBB. You'll get businesses that have some kind of a history and you can read the BBB reviews and have some idea of their reliability. It's a good place to look if you want to do some comparative shopping. They are at bbb.org.

As for Global Luxury Events, it doesn't exist. It's not registered with the California Secretary of State, where it should be listed for tax purposes. Additionally, the address is insufficient. 555 California Street is a 52-story skyscraper. Any real tenant would have a suite number. Stop taking their calls.

Thank you MW. You have done everyone a great favor by sharing your experience with us. Your attorney provides excellent advice.

Keep this chart in mind every time you get a cold caller asking you if you want to sell your timeshare:
FTC Instagram - Anatomy of a Scam
FTC Instagram - Anatomy of a Scam

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