T-PS Feb12014 Link Marketing

February 1, 2014

An Aimfair Member asked us about Link Marketing Solutions. The representative offered a Letter of Intent to buy weeks in the Residence at the Grand Luxxe. These units will not be available unitl the first quarter of 2015, or maybe by the end of 2014. Six weeks. The individual asked for confirmation of the contract and asked for a copy. Rule #1: Never give anyone your contract information!!

The member asked if we knew anything about the alleged company. It is alleged because there is no evidence that the company officially exists. Nothing in the Texas Secretary of State records. We said we would take a quick look.

What we found out is there is no one by the name in the website at the address given in the website. Rule #2: Never do business with a company you cannot locate!! Sounds pretty simple, but you would be surprised how many trusting soles send money to people they do not even know.. Don't you be one of them.

Also, the phone numbers were not Dallas, Texas phone numbers.

Here is a copy of their offer:
Rental Letter of Intent

This does not appear to be a valid company! Do not waste your time.
Thank you for alerting us all to this possible scam. Don't be a victim...stay away!
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