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Property Managemnt ML - Oklahoma City, OK

December 10, 2014

An Aimfair member sent this in today:
I was recently contact by someone representing Property Management ML offering me $360K for my Presidential contract. They are located in Oklahoma City. The OK City BBB investigated and said their reported location was an empty lot currently being used for parking. Just doing a quick Google search found out that several people have been contacted and that there appears to be no substance to their offer. It appears just to be another scam in a long list of scam companies
Another member has this to say:
I also have another scam company for you. It's Property Management ML. They say they're located at 190 N. Robinson Ave., Oklahoma City, OK. Ph # 405-455-8172.

I checked with the BBB and the Chamber of Commerce and there is no record of this company. I also checked the State website to see if they were registered with the State, but there was nothing.

They cold-called me and sent an Authorized Purchase Offer for our Grand Luxxe weeks that was "too good to be true." The "broker", Jerry Lee, called me quite a few times and they even offered that the "buyer" would help pay the transfer fee to Grand Luxxe.

When I asked for a copy of the business license, he offered a copy of his broker's license. I again asked for a copy of the business license, telling him I could not find any information anywhere about the company being in Oklahoma. I also said that if this purchase went through, that I wanted to set up the trust account for the funds to be deposited. He said, Oh, the buyer will never go for that because they're putting their money upfront in good faith.

Then he again asked if we would fax the signed purchase offer and I said "until I get a copy of the business license, we're not comfortable moving forward with this." With that he said good-bye and hung up!

It's amazing how they suck you in with their offers. I'm thankful that I had a gut feeling this wasn't right. I then went to Aimfair and read all the scam stories and knew for sure this was a scam.

So I want to thank you for all the work you do, including making everyone aware of the snakes out there!

I also investigated a bit further, but didn't put all of that in my original email. I used Google Street View to see if I could find the business. The address was a building with a lobby and the only name on the outside door was an oil and gas company, so I looked them up, called and asked the receptionist if she knew if this property management company was in the building. She was new and didn't know. Then I called the Quizno's next door, but that number was disconnected. So that was a dead end. It was kinda fun investigating; I should have been a private eye!!

Enjoy your day!

Thank you for your comments. We have added this name to our "Hall of Shame"! Remember, only YOU can write the check!
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