T-2018Feb7 Timeshare Ind 2016

US Timeshare Industry - 2016

February 7, 2018

Following is an infographic that was posted by CNBC News on February 5, 2018 in their article entitled "Why inheriting that beautiful timeshare can bust your wallet". Tap here to view the article on Aimfair.

Timeshare Industry in the United States - 2016
Timeshare Industry in the United States - 2016

The industry is growing. Reasons: Beautiful properties are being developed and developers are turning to selling timeshare interests in the properties rather than selling them as distinct parcels of real estate. Some timeshare interests are deeded interests in properties, which makes less saleable when families are no longer able to use their timeshare, But, we timeshare owners are overwhelmed by the vision of vacationing in a beautiful spot indefinitely, and we sometimes do not focus on the issues we may face when we try to sell our interests.
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