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The Grand Bliss faces West and East at Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico.
The Grand Bliss faces West and East at Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico.

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Grand Bliss

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This is a 2 BR bedroom, Grand Bliss. It's a Sale in NV or RM.
Grand Bliss Contract For Sale
This contract is unique. It offers the buyer the following:
  • Two Registered Weeks plus two Vacation Fair Weeks for 17 years, for a total of 68 weeks.
  • Three renewal periods of 25 years each for both Registered and Vacation Fair Weeks.
  • Locations - Nuevo Vallarta and Riviera Maya - New locations would be included as well (Puerto Penasco?).
  • One week in a 1 BR Suite plus one week in a Master Room, when used together one week in a 2 BR Master Suite.
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No. BR
NV or RM
2 BR

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