What to do With Members Excess Rounds of Golf

Golf is an important feature of the Grand Luxxe Residence Club membership. No question about it.

There are many Grand Luxxe members who cannot use all the golf that accompanies their contracts. They either don't play golf or do not have the time.

A year or so ago, entrepreneurial soles tried to sell their golf certificates. This program did not last very long.

Last November, we were able to give our golf to our sons in laws. However, the rules then were members had to be present to give their golf away. Consequently, we had to trek to the golf pro shop and verify we were giving our golf rights away before their first round. This is perfectly acceptable because we are sharing with our guests and family members.

However, we have received word that the resort does not support the outright sale of excess rounds of golf to non-member guests or family members. It seems our efforts to create an exchange for Aimfair members' excess rounds of golf runs afrowl of resort rules.

Therefore, we have discontinued our Sharing Rounds of Golf feature.

Although it seemed like a good idea at the time, we certainly understand the reort's position too.

As it turns out, our Sharing Rounds of Golf feature was not a popular feature and will not likely be missed.

Thank you for your understanding.