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2014-03-03Riviera Mayajimgerry60TramontoMy favorite dish at Tramonto it the Pesto. It is better than anything that I had in Italy. The fresh basil and pine nuts make this dish delicious. The meal always begins with fancy bread sticks and rolls, that are yummy when dipped in the flavored oil. The servers are so attentive. After dinner, try one of the scrumptious desserts. Each one is fabulous. You can't go wrong with dinner at the Tramonto-it is an experience-but---call for a reservation. Everyone loves this restaurant.
Riviera Maya$$$
2014-02-11Riviera Mayajimgerry60Frida'sA Spanish/Mexican Cuisine located on 5th Ave, in the heart of Playa Del Carmen. Many of the dishes are prepared at the table for your enjoyment. The food was tasty and not too spicy. Mexican music fills the air and the small groups come to your table to serenade you with their songs. Be prepared to give them a small tip for their service. This fun experience can be had either before or after shopping along 5th Ave.
Playa Del Carmen$$
2014-02-07Riviera Mayajimgerry60Pavo RealLovely restaurant located on the beach in Maroma Bay. It is about a ten minute ride from the resort to the entrance at Maroma Bay. There, a shuttle takes you through the jungle to the restaurant on the beach. You begin your private dining experience sitting in comfortable chairs on the beach, watching the sun go down and cruise ships passing by. Then, you are escorted to your table to enjoy a delicious dinner prepared by French chef Guillaume Raynal. His classic recipes have a Mexican accent and a tropical flair. A lovely salmon patte on pita was served as an appetizer. The rack of lamb and the chicken stuffed with shrimp were two of the favorites of our dinner group. Several wonderful desserts were offered. Tirimisu and flans were chosen at our table. After dinner, if time permits, you can ask to have a tour of the property to view the spacious suites of the resort. A truly wonderful dining experience Reservations are a must. Seating is limited, so call at least 3 days in advance. website---www.pavorealrestaurant.com
Maroma Bay$$$$
2012-06-06Riviera MayabobjonesAjua Maya Restaurant in Playa del Carmen (Rank RM=Closed)Note: This review was posted by a ELAMCUP in TripAdvisor - May 27, 2011. Please give them and TripAdvisor credit for this review. We posted this as an example.

This restaurant is now closed....
Playa del Carmen$$$
2011-12-08Riviera Mayabarking16La Casa del Pescado15 min away from Mayan property in town of Puerto Moreles right in the center of town, excellent lunch. We had chicken fajitas, shrimp dinner. Upstairs overlooking the town square. Great mexican food and service.
Puertos Moreles$$
2011-05-08Riviera MayaMaryHavana MoonGreat because it is on the beach. Does have good food, but not gourmet. Wine list is decent. We think the wine lists at all the restaurants on the property comes from the same place.

Management will do just about anything to accommodate. Great for children too.
Grand Mayan - Riviera Maya$$

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