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2011-05-17MazatlanWhiteheadMr. Lionso's Playa BrujaIf you are staying at MP in Mazatlan you have to go to Mr. Lionso's Playa Bruja.

First you can walk there from the hotel on the beach. When you leave the hotel turn right and go to the end of the beach (probably a good 30 minute walk - but very pleasant).

They have happy hour margaritas..you need one after the walk. The mango ones are fantastic. Huge! You can sit and sip on one while watching the surfers.

Food is amazing. Fish, shellfish, chicken, etc. Didn't have a bad meal anytime we went.

They are open for Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some nights they have great entertainment, especially for those who want to see a bit of Mexican dancing and listen to some great Mariachi. Those nights have the concierge book you a table it gets busy.

Very friendly although sometimes the service is a bit slow...but your in Mexico on vacation so try to roll with it.

Note that I haven't been to Mazatlan for a couple of years, so search some other reviews, for something up to date, but thought worth mentioning on this site, because we had such a great time there.
2011-05-17MazatlanWhiteheadCerritos Restaurant (Roy's)Another must go to restaurant in Mazatlan. You can walk from the hotel along the beach( just up the street from Mr. Lionso's) or take the bus or a pulma.

Cerritos Restaurant on Cerritos Street. Sometimes known as Roys as the Father, Son and Grandson's name are Roy.

Fantastic food. We make our reservations for Thursday and Friday night before we even get on the plane!

Thursday night, steak/baked potato/salad dinner for $149 pesos. Cooked as you like it on a charcol grill outside the restaurant. You HAVE to make reservations for this night, as they only bring in so many steaks. Great Steaks, your choice tbone, ny strip or rib eye. Seriously good.

Also on Friday nights 6 shrimps any way you want them cooked, coconut, diablo, grilled with garlic etc., PLUS 2 lobster tails only $129 with veggies and rice. Again I would reserve a table.

They have limited non seafood options, but the chicken fajitas are good.

Lovely people, great family and we are still talking about that restaurant 2 years later!

10 out of 10. They are also open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Cerritos Street near Playa Bruja$$

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