Possible Scams

Possible Timeshare Scams

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FTC Diagram of an Advance Fee Fraud Scheme
FTC Diagram of an Advance Fee Fraud Scheme

Scams - The unfortunate soft underbelly of the Timeshare Industry.

The most frequent scam is called the Advance Fee Fraud. In this case, the timeshare owner/seller is cold called by an individual who claims to be a legitimate broker/agent for a legitmate broker/dealer/event planner/timeshare specialist. Often times the caller has stolen the identity of legitimate brokers/agents and companies to put the person being cold called at ease.
Want to report a fraud to the FBI?

You must listen to this recording - a California licensed real estate agent talking to a person who has stolen his identity to collect a commission on money received from unsuspecting sellers. Brett Jennings is the real name of the California agent.
Read the full account of this scam here.
The Fake Brett Jennings says he will release the real Brett Jennings name and company within a month of the call. Then he will be gone! Never to be heard from again by the real Brett Jennings.

Yes, it is highly important that we find and prosecute these individuals. But....their's is a perfect business plan. Why? Because WE ALL WRITE CHECKS!

Follow these simple steps to determine if the caller is legitiate or not:
  • Copy and paste the domain name into a “who-is” site to determine the ownership profile of the domain. When it was created, when changes were made and when it expires. The sites with one year durations are likely scams.
  • Copy and paste the address into Google Earth or some other mapping service with Satellite imaging. Look at the location of the address to determine if it refers to an office building or some other structure. Sometimes the address is a vacant lot.
  • Copy and paste the address into the search box of your browser. Identify companies located at the given address. It is best if you can find the management company or leasing agent. Call them and ask if the company in question pays rent to the management company. If you can’t find a management company or leasing agent, call one of the companies listed at the given address. Generally speaking, addresses in office buildings without specific reference to a suite number is a fake address. The US Postal Service or any other mail delivery service would not be able to deliver a parcel to an address that does not have a suite number.
  • Log into the state’s Secretary of State Business Search site. Search for the company name. If it does not appear, then the company is suspect.
  • Log into the state’s real estate division and search for the agent’s name or the name of the company. If the company does not appear, it is suspect. Sometimes you can find a name that has been hijacked by checking addresses listed. The scammer's address may not appear in the official records.
  • Search for a website called Yougetsignal.com. This site allows you to reverse look up email addresses, telephone numbers and other stuff. The keys are to determine if the telephone numbers are located at the address given in the website. The email search is likely to come up blank.
Receive a call from someone who wants you to participate in tracking down dishonest timeshare developers? Tap here to see a list of offices in Mexico's Department of Tourism. Do not give your personal information to anyone!
So let's all do our part to help stamp out the scams: Only You Can Write the Check....Don't Write the Check!
Remember, these people do not feel they are doing anything wrong.
  • Do not send money or pay for ANYTHING.
  • Do not send any documents by FAX.
  • Do send by certified return receipt requested to the caller's listed address a test document. If the test parcel arrives and the recipient reads to you the information you requested in the certified letter, then at least you know the address is not fake.
  • Perform your due diligence carefully.
  • If it seems too good to be true, then stay away!
  • If it is legitimate, then all costs of the sale are paid from verified proceeds in a verified escrow account that you open and control.
If you are contacted by a company that does not pass your "too good to be true" test, please let us know so we can share your information with others.

Finally, heed Grupo Vidnata's instructions as they are outlined below:


2015-08-28 Brokerage Consolidation Group, Inc., Minneapolis, MN

An Aimfair member raised the question in the Owners Forum if anyone had heard of "this outfit". Then, not more than a few hours after reading the member's inquiry, who should call, but none other than Jason Cabrerro asking if we would like to discuss selling our membership. Off we went to find out what we could. Tap here to read more...

Help stamp out scammers....don't write that check!!

2015-08-26 MHP Brokerage Group - Kansas City, MO

A "representative" called today. We did not take the call. He left a message. We looked up the company by Googling the telephone number. Up popped the name and website. Bottom line: No accurate address and no state registration. No Thank You!

Help stamp out scammers....don't write that check!!

2015-08-26 Carriage House Travel - Claims Another Victim

Carriage House Travel had disappeared for a while. When it came back, the sales personnel were slicker than ever. So much so, that a very intelligent and cautious person became another victim.

Help stamp out scammers....don't write that check!!

2015-08-05 A New Impersonation Of Grupo Vidanta - Offer to Rent

This is another attempt to associate the scammer with a legitimate company - Grupo Vidanta. Certainly the offer would make anyone pause because it looks so authentic. But...the phone number is associated with a deal that is nowhere near the timeshare industry. Do your due diligence....and....

Help stamp out scammers....don't write that check!!

2015-06-03 Grupo Vidanta Offer - Fake!

This is a new twist. Allegedly, Grupo Vidanta offers to guarantee rentals on weeks it buys from owners. Definitely a scam. Thanks to an Aimfair member for bringing this to our attention.

Help stamp out scammers....don't write that check!!

2015-05-15 Fake Mexican Government Official - Restitution Fund Participant

The cold caller says he is a Mexican Government official who's job is to reach out to timeshare owners and offer them the opportunity be reimbursed for timeshares they bought in Mexico - or something like that. To do so, the timeshare owner needs to send personal information to the caller and ultimately send money. TripAdvisor viewers chime in too.!!

Help stamp out scammers....don't write that check!!

2015-05-13 Realty 5, Inc. - Nino's Experience

The first caller said no upfront fees. Restated that in the second call. Nino firmly responded he would not pay any upfront fees. Contract arrives and requires upfront payments. Check out Nino's response.

Help stamp out scams - don't write that check!!

2015-05-13 Wingate Exclusive Events LLC

Read Jack's account of his experience with Wingate. Bottom line - he sent the cold caller a certified letter and guess what? It could not be delivered to the address listed in the company's website. Thanks for sharing Jack!

Help stamp out scams - don't write that check!!

2015-02-25 III Capital Management - Capital Management Corp.

Jim was scammed by this group. He felt sure it was legitimate. But it turned out not to be. He paid maintenance fees in advance, then taxes, then other fees. All the time he was hoping he would recover money he had already spent. The cycle is difficult to break. Don't become a victim. Don't write that check!! Thank you for sharing with us Jim.

2015-02-23 Global Luxury Events - San Francisco, CA

MW shares her story and her attorney's advice. Definitely stay alert. There is no reason for anyone should lose their money. Just don't write that check.

2015-02-23 Premier Business Brokers - Beware!

Cold caller was trapped. Nino paid maintenance fees in advance to Grupo Vedanta and was assured these were the only payments he would have to make. You know what he said when the cold caller asked for the 25% Mexican Government tax. No way! Thank you Nino.

Remember everyone.....only you write the check!

2015-02-19 Grupo Vidanta issues another reminder to call if you have questions about unsolicited communications, frauds or scams. Call the Customer Care Center at 1-800-292-9446 from US and Canada, 0-800-096-9367 from UK and 52-322-176-1431 from other countries. Spread the word! No More Scams!

2014-12-10 Property Management ML - Oklahoma City, OK

Two Aimfair members have been contacted by representatives of this "company". They investigated and found the address provided by the representative is bogus....the BBB said it was an empty lot.

Bottom line, do your own due diligence. Call companies that are listed in the same building. Contact the Better Business Bureau. Send a parcel with a tracking number to the address and in the parcel ask the recipient to read the note to you when he or she receives it. If the parcel can't be delivered, why do business with someone you can't contact. In the meantime, keep sending us names of suspicious companies. We will all be helping each other....

2014-11-04 November 4, 2014 - Carriage House Travel, Inc.

This suspicious "company" boasts of years of experience, yet its website is newly created and registered. Registration expires in one year. Other factors enter into this as a suspicious company. Work with this company at your own risk!

2014-08-26 Golden Realty Group, Chicago, IL.

This group is questionable. Office address does not correspond with the locations of the landlines - Telephone and Fax; domain and website appear to be temporary; caller cold called to gather personal, confidential information about our ownership. Never give this to a cold caller! The caller informed us about the fees we would have to pay, which would be repaid a closing. No thank you!!

2014-07-26 Exquisite Innovative Concepts LLC

Three Aimfair members have asked about Exquisite Innovative Concepts LLC since July 7, 2014. That being the case, there are likely many more who have been contacted by cold callers saying they work for this company. It really is not a company, because it is not listed with the State of New Jersey's Department of Treasury. Clearly a suspicious group that we all should stay clear of.

2014-07-15 Master Asset Allocation Intl

Two Aimfair members were called by the same person. Nice guy, informative, and believable. Unfortunately, the information he offered is not true. How can you do business with someone you can't verify exists? Definitely, not something to pursue.

2014-06-04 MINNE Realty Services Inc. - minnerealty.com

Look out for this telephone number: 952-679-1253. It does not appear in the Yellow Pages, but the website states the company is experienced in real estate and timeshare sales. Be careful....

2014-05-24 ACM Brokers is the latest group to emerge from under the rocks. Created on May 7, it took only 8 days before an Aimfair member was contacted. What is even worse, the Aimfair member signed up only fourteen days before he was contacted. Doesn't say much for security in Mexico, does it?

2014-04-14 Investors Management Co., 400 Poydras, New Orleans, LA

No such company at the address listed on their website and telephone numbers do not match. Caller asks questions about your ownership, which you should not divulge. Caution!!

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Thank you all for sharing with us.

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