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San Jose del Cabo - Views From PLStrong

July 5, 2012

San Jose del Cabo is a quaint town. The Grand Mayan at San Jose del Cabo is intimate and attractive. Yet it is only five years old. Do you remember when the Unions did not allow their members to work and the resort had to find other accommodations for its guests. What a mess. Opening the resort, and walking out. Well that was then and today is now. The resort is a very nice place to visit.

The California Hotel looks interesting, doesn't it?

Then there is the proverbial cigar shop - Fidel's Cigar Shop.

PLStrong is one of few who have gone "Around the Horn", which is to visit all the Grand Mayan resorts in the Grupo Vidanta system. Nice job, PL.

Thank you for sharing with us, PL...continue having fun!!

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