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Master Plans - Riviera Maya - Nuevo Vallarta - East Cape

March 24, 2014

Aimfair members took photos of the Grupo Vidanta Master Plan maps that were on the wall in the sales office in Riviera Maya and sent them to us to share with everyone. As one would expect, there are changes from prior versions, and they reflect current projections of what the properties will eventually become. Of course, there are no time lines or guarantees that any of the projects will be completed.
Riviera Maya - West Side of Highway 307
The Cirque du Soleil performing arts theater, the General Entrance Reception and Nature Park are under construction. Grupo Vidnata has made public announcements that construction should be finished by November, 2014. Here is an overview of Grupo Vidanta's architectural renderings as of March, 2014:
The interesting features that will be added to this side of the highway are:
  • General Entrance Reception - This seems to be a General Admissions area. Non-guest tourists would register and pay for their visit, whether it be for a tour of the Nature Park or checking in for use of the convention center or attending a dinner show..
  • Vidanta Receptions - Looks as though all guests check in at this location and then be taken to their units from here.
  • The Cirqu du Soleil Dinner Show theater and restaurant - Resort guests and non-resort guests will both be in the audience to see the Cirque du Soleil performances.
  • The new convention center - This facility could be anything in the future. We will have to see how and what develops on this site.
  • The Train Station - This station could be whee guests take shuttles back and forth to their units from this side of the highway. Trains can take the form of any type of transportation.
  • Parking - This large area will be for guests and non-guests alike. Taxis will pickup and let off here too.
East Side of Highway 307
The unit buildings for the Mayan Palace, Bliss, Grand Mayan, Grand Luxxe are located on the East side of Highway 307, as is the Executive Golf Course called El Manglar.
The areas that are under construction include:
  • Grand Luxxe Reception Building - This is the building that will be between the beach and the two Grand Luxxe buildings that are closest to the beach.
  • The Grand Bliss Buildings - These are along the southern edge of the Grupo Vidanta property.
  • The Beach Club and Pool - This facility is located in front of the sales office, which is between Grand Mayan Building 7 and the beach.
  • Expansion of the Beach - The beach near the new Beach Club and Pool is expanding.
Nayarit - Celebrate Park
It appears as though plans have changed for "Celebrate Park".
Vidanta Nuevo Map Celebrate July 10 2012

  • Construction: - None started yet.
  • Golf and Tennis Area: - Moved to a more centralized location.
  • Tripod Hotel: - No longer on the plan map.
  • Casino: - No longer on the plan map.
  • Nature Park: - Expanded on the east side of the highway - taking the place of a 9 hole Executive Golf Course.
  • Water Features: - Expanded water features. Looks as though there is a good sized waterfall. Plus, the water features extend to the other side of the highway to the Nature Park.
  • Train Station: - This feature may be interesting but hard to implement. A long,uncomfortable train ride is not something we want to endure when arriving at this beautiful property. How about you?
  • The Greg Norman Course: - How will we get there? Will it be finished in the next three years? It all depends on sales. Management is not likely to build in hopes that they will come.
  • Crossing the River: - Moved from the west side ot the highway to the east side of the highway. Not sure what that means. For one thing, to play the Norman course, will you have to travel to the other side of the highway to tee off? Wow! Lots of questions.
Nayarit - Resort Campus
The resort campus appears to be settling into a "final" configuration with the Punta Building and Towers 1 through 5 on the banks of the Ameca River, which is down from 2012 plans that displayed ten towers in the same place. There were seven more further east and along the northern border of the golf course. These have been replaced by seven, lower profile structures, which appear to be in the center of a newly reclaimed area. Here are two images - March, 2014 on the left and July, 2012 on the right:
Vidanta Map Resort Area In Nayarit - July 10 2012

Plans are just what they say they are....plans. Until structures are in the air, there is no guarantee what we will see. That said, the options in he Resort Campus area are becoming fewer.
East Cape
East Cape will be a terrific addition when it becomes a reality. Economies of scale must be an interesting evaluation. The area is undeveloped, there is no infrastructure installed, and there must be water issues. Limits on the number of buildings the property could support may make this resort location very exclusive.
East Cape Plan - January 5 2013

There is no question that the plans Grupo Vidanta puts forth are beautiful and the properties are well maintained. We hope the economy continues to grow, which would boad well for the plans reaching fruition.
Thank you for your contributions. Keeping up is always a challenge, and your photos and comments keep us well informed.
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