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Nuevo Vallarta Update - From Lisa and Dave

March 2, 2015

Lisa, her husband Dave, and their friends spent a week in Nuevo Vallarta during the week ending February 21, 2015. As we all know, change is the only thing that is constant at Nuevo Vallarta.....and.....of course, it is one of the things that keep us coming back. Here is what Lisa had to say, and enjoy her very informative photos:
Hello Bob and Mary Ann-

We just returned from a week in the Spa Tower and we were able to take pictures of the surroundings and also were able to visit the Residence Tower new roof top pool. I have some new information, not sure how much is accurate however.

We were told by Sean McSweeny (formally sales now in charge of golf for all resorts) and by our salesperson, Chad, that there is a 18 hole, par 3 golf course planned for the area outside tower 4, Santuario side. Not sure exactly where as there seems to be ponds right outside the tower and no room for golf holes:

Residence Rooftop Pool - Northerly View - 2015-02-21
North View - SPA Tower - 2015-02-19

The new reception area (see photo) is almost done so I guess they will be tearing down the old one and maybe the par 3 course will go there???

New Arrival and Depareture Area - 2015-2-19

Biggest problems we experienced were the lack of chairs by the Punta pool and how many people would reserve 4 or more chairs early in the morning with only 1 or many nobody sitting there. The reserve signs for black bands were not being used when we were there ….frustrating!

Also there is no easy way down the beach from the Punta and no place to wash off the sand when returning. We climb down the rocks but it isn’t easy and not safe if you lose your footing. The beach is lovely in front of the Punta but they don’t seem to want us to use it???

Punta Pool Deck View Southwest - 2015-02-19

Here are the photos of the Residence pool area and the view from the top.

Ameca River - Residence East Deck - 2015-02-21
Residence Rooftop Pool - 2015-02-21
Residence Rooftop Lounges - 2015-02-21
Residence Rooftop Pool - 2015-02-21 (02)
Residence Rooftop Pool - Northerly View - 2015-02-21 (02)

The tennis courts have been resurfaced thankfully, but no current plans to build more that we heard of. Our suggestion would be several more courts and the addition of pickle ball courts to the complex. Pickle ball is growing like crazy in the states and would be a perfect for the population at the Luxxe as it is easier on our older bodies than tennis!

Tennis Pros - 2016-02-19

Lastly a few pictures that show the pure beauty of the place.

Crandels - Grand Bliss Lagoon - 2015-02-18
Punta Pool Deck View South - 2015-02-19
Punta Pool Deck View North - 2015-02-19
Punta Pool Deck View East - 2015-2-19

One more of the residence pool area:

Residence Rooftop Lounge - 2015-02-21

We do love it there and the frustrations are getting less as some of the things we have been told are coming true. We still wonder about the following and if anyone has answers would love to hear them:
  • Why is the train not working and will it ever?
  • What about the boats that were suppose to transport people around the resort?
  • Will there ever be a Riverwalk as was planned?
  • Why are there no chairs on the beach or stairs to the beach by the Punta?
Post what ever you think fit on Aimfair.


Lisa and Dave Crandell