Bob and Glynis' View of the Grand Luxxe at Riviera Maya

January 27, 2012

Bob and Glynis stayed in a Grand Luxxe Villa at Riviera Maya during December, 2011 and answered our request for current photos of the property and area. We feel it is very helpful to see each others impressions because we all notice something different. We all want to capture something we feel is worth saving and passing along.

There is no right or wrong photo. Instead, all are worthwhile, so long as the image is clear and the size is sufficient to examine details if we want. Since we have such a dynamic, diverse and interesting group here in Aimfair, we encourage everyone to participate by sending us photos of your trip so we can experience the location vicariously.

Plus, most importantly, it is fun!

That said, please enjoy Vidanta's Riviera Maya property and surrounding area as see through Bob and Glynis' eyes.

Grounds at the Mayan Property at Riviera Maya

Interior of the Grand Luxxe Villa and Jr Villa at Riviera Maya

Pools at the Mayan Property at Riviera Maya

Beaches at the Mayan Property at Riviera Maya

Playa del Carmen and Puerto Morelos

Chichen Itza

What is interesting to us is the size of the Mayan property at Riviera Maya. We hear the property is about 475 acres in size. Walking the property is great exercise. If you happen to be walking through other parts of the property with your camera, please take some photos for the rest of us.

Thank you Bob and Glynis. What fun...

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