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What a great way to communicate with each other and Grupo Vidanta.

Members offering what they like and what they would like to see help parent organizations make decisions that are relevant and meaningful. Such exchanges often lead to improved experiences, interactions and surroundings.

We individuals can best be heard when others having the same ideas voice their opinions too. A community voice adds a bit of weight to the community's ideas.

Capture fleeting thoughts. The time to strike is when the proverbial light bulb clicks on. The trick is getting the suggestion into the system while it is fresh in our minds. Wait too long, and click, the bulb is dark and we move on.

So, now that we have started this not so new idea, let's see if anything comes of it. The idea is to let individuals be heard.....if they want to be heard. Comments are not necessarily limited to Nuevo Vallarta. Please note: Participation is limited to Subscribing Members. You can Subscribe Here if you have not already done so.

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2014-08-22 I won't give my LIKES because I'll just repeat was already mentioned. The resorts are amazing. Why trade out for less?

My problem is with upgrades. If I am understanding the latest posts, if someone does not need more than two bedrooms or more Grand Luxxe weeks they are losing value by not upgrading. I guess we will have to see if we can be given a different option.

We all have different needs.

2014-08-21 The beaches are great, the staff is terrific and the properties are perfectly maintained....at least in those areas where construction is NOT active. But what can you expect? Sell memberships in a new concept, the concept must be built. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as instant completion plans.

Back to the beaches, pools, golf and restaurants. What we find particularly fun is the property is large enough to allow for crowds without feeling the press of the crowds.

Finally, the property makes one feel very safe. Our grand children have a great time being on their own, and our kids can enjoy themselves with minimal concern.

2014-08-21 We love the decks, the views and the property. The "wild" areas are terrific. Its almost as though you are in a resort setting in the jungle.

The restaurants are good too. Looking forward to trying the progressive dinner. Should be interesting.

Too bad our trips have to come to an end!

2014-07-01 Just returned from our stay at the Grand Luxxe Villa in Riviera Maya. We had a great time - would definitely come back again.

What we loved:
- Employees - they made us feel special. I felt like a millionaire on the first day at the pool when an employee asked if he could clean my sunglasses.
- Gorgeous rooms - there was plenty of space for our four children and my husband and me.
- Warm and welcoming feeling when we checked in. Much improved over our experiences at other timeshare resorts and hotels.
- Pools - they were well maintained and beautiful. Employees were cleaning grout with small, special tools at off-times.
- Pathways and future elevated walkways - walked all over until we were familiar with the property. Then took the shuttles - not crowded at all at this time (mid June).

What we read in other reviews:
- Construction noise - it was there but not loud or objectionable. Never felt the noise over powered our experience.
- Views - not many units could see the ocean. This is a limitation of the buildings, being only three stories tall. Did not bother us because we are bird watchers and loved seeing the many birds flying in and out. Our third floor vantage was great!
- Beach - under reconstruction. We read we could not walk into the ocean without shoes. Also read about the reconstruction taking place. It did not inconvenience us; in fact it was interesting to see the process taking place.

What we did not care for:
- Water - why nit pick for the price of a bottle of water in the room? Seems a luxurious resort should be able to allow a room to have one bottle of water per day, complements of the house.
- Coffee in the room - same comment as the water. Why not offer one cup per day, complements of the house.

Bottom line - we loved our vacation and will return.

2014-02-09 Our view of the Grand Luxxe:
- It is not like any other timeshare because of the size of the units and decks. Great!
- It is spacious. High ceilings and wide open doorways to the decks make the units seem even larger.
- We like the large showers.
- We like the dipping pools on the decks.
- We like the views of both the ocean, the mountains and the city, here in Nuevo Vallarta.
- The personnel are helpful and have great attitudes. Yes, we are guests, and yes employees are supposed to treat guests with respect. But, personnel in the Grand Luxxe seem to be passionate about going out of their way to please.
- The uniforms are always well pressed and crisp.
What we don't like.....having to go home!

2014-01-28 I really love the new wooden walk ways. They take you off the hot road ways,and lift you high above to see the whole property from a different angle. I love the way the resort is really starting to look polynesian.I really like the new Sanitorio, it is a great gathering place and the nightly entertainment is really top notch. I am very happy to see our money is being spent on making this resort a wonderful place for ourselves and many generations after us.I love the wonderful people that work here and they seem so happy to serve us. It is like a big family and they welcome us back every year.I am so grateful and amazed at the landscapers who work so hard to make every area a place of beauty, looking like it has always been there.It has been hard to visualize the end product for a few years but the resort is coming together beautifully.

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